Letojanni Holidays 2024/2025

A bijou fishing village exuding friendly charm and Mediterranean character, Letojanni is a wonderful example of why holidays to Sicily are so popular. It’s said that good things come in small packages and in the case of this tiny village, it’s true. That’s not to say it isn’t a luxurious, impressive and unforgettable destination. The Piazza Durante alone is proof of this. A favourite destination for Italian holidaymakers, Letojanni boasts a gorgeous coastline, relaxed atmosphere and welcoming ambience which have travellers coming back time and time again.

Letojanni Holiday Deals

Embracing beach days

Letojanni holidays are notoriously tranquil and nothing amplifies that quite like a few lazy beach days. While the area itself is relatively small, the beach makes up for modest proportions elsewhere, thanks to a lengthy stretch of sand that offers endless sunbathing potential, and uninterrupted views of the surrounding hillsides. For those that like sand with a slice of convenience, there are specific lido areas. These offer showers, loungers and parasols for a fee, but if you’re happy to simply throw down a towel, there are plenty of spaces to occupy.

Please your inner gastronome

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sicily has amazing food on offer, but you might be taken aback by how mouth-watering it actually is. Regional produce, grown in the sunny hills, combines with fresh seafood to produce flavour combinations that will set your taste buds alight. Include some handmade pasta and you’ll have the holy trinity of taste sensations. The promenade is generally considered the best spot for eating, with a number of restaurants all vying for your custom. Wherever you choose, be sure to try the local wines, as they pair perfectly with the food.

Get out on the water

If the idea of being skippered around some remote little islands appeals to you, then Letojani holdays will be hard to beat. You can hire a boat, complete with experienced captain, to be your guide for a day of exploring. Most people head over to Mazzaro first, to join locals who are sunning themselves on the pebble beach, before continuing to Isola Bella, a small but beautiful little island with astonishing views. Holidays to Letojanni aren’t complete without some daytime island hopping.

Pick your own

You might not think that picking your own produce sounds much like a break, but holidays in Letojanni are anything but the norm. It’s not as arduous as it might sound, as plucking olives in the hilly groves is a breezy affair and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Vineyards are also in on the action, as some allow you to buy wines straight from the barrel, after crushing some grapes of your very own. Food and drink has never been so interactive.

Enjoy some retail therapy

Holidays to Letojanni are a great excuse to treat yourself and with a host of designer boutiques to be found in nearby Taormina, affectionately known as the ‘Monte Carlo of Sicily’, you can be as indulgent as you dare. Don’t forget that window-shopping in Gucci never hurt anyone! For some less pricey options, Letojanni itself has some charming little shops, specialising in items made from volcanic stone. Taormina market offers an excellent selection of food and artisan crafts. Whatever your budget, there will be a number of shops for you to enjoy and find souvenirs in.

Take in the town

When it comes to holidays in Letojanni, the slow pace and laid-back evenings are what it’s all about and nowhere encompasses this more than the Piazza Durante, the central square. Leading off from the Piazza itself are winding streets, lined with pretty little bars perfect for people watching. However, the main square is the place to be for some live music. In fact, locals from other nearby towns can often be found enjoying performances here, under the palms that line the Piazza. For a more lively evening, Taormina is the place to be, as it has a few lively nightclubs.

While Letojanni might be small, it has a dazzling aura. From sampling produce straight from the vine through to breezy evenings watching music in the Piazza and island hopping, few destinations offer such an interactive, unforgettable and personal experience as this Sicilian haven.


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