Taormina Mare Holidays 2024/2025

Taormina Mare is a charming collection of bays found below the cliff top heights of Taormina, and is known as the seaside area of this historically significant region. While it may be small, holidays to Taormina Mare don’t have to be filled with lazy beach days; there are plenty of exciting activities to enjoy just a short distance away in the main town. That’s the joy of holidays to Sicily; they can be as peaceful or as entertaining as you want them to be if you choose the right region to act as your base, and Taormina Mare is ideal.

Taormina Mare Holiday Deals

Catch some rays

Taormina Mare boasts one of the prettiest beaches in the whole of Sicily. Isola Bella, connected to the mainland by a strip of beach, is a tiny island with a pebble shore of the same name that attracts sun-seekers from all over Sicily. Taormina Mare holidays can be defined by securing a spot for your towel on this lovely beach and, because it’s such a beautiful place, its popularity shows in the summer months. Isola Bella is the ideal location for sun-worshippers to relax and soak up the sun, and it’s home to an exquisite Baroque palace, too.

Rub shoulders with the stars

Given the close proximity to Taormina itself, holidays in Taormina Mare, Sicily, often naturally include a visit to the Teatro Antico di Taormina, the ancient Greek amphitheatre. An annual film festival is held in the amphitheatre, with frequent screenings and award ceremonies drawing actors and directors from all over the world to attend, in the hopes of taking home an accolade. Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise have both previously attended, so you never know who you might see. If you time your holiday just right, you might find yourself sitting next to a Hollywood star.

Catch onto the café culture

Leave the pebble shores of the bays for an evening and head up to Taormina to explore Corso Umberto I, the chic pedestrian street that runs through the centre of town. Heaving with pretty cafés and open-air restaurants and bars, allowing you to dine al fresco, this area really brings the idea of café culture to life and offers endless people-watching opportunities, too. Be sure to try some of the local cuisine as you watch the world go by – especially the pasta and seafood treats, with cassata to finish. Taormina Mare holidays aren’t complete without sampling this sweet sponge cake.

Be a night owl

Thanks to the sleepy, peaceful atmosphere in the bays, holidays in Taormina Mare, Sicily, can be characterised by their much slower pace, or you can save your energy during the day before living it up in the evening. The nightlife up in Taormina doesn’t begin until late into the night, as with many Mediterranean destinations, so you won’t find much happening before 10pm, but the Piazza IV Aprile comes to life after this unofficial watershed. The main square is often lit up with twinkling lights and it’s lined with bars and restaurants. You will love spending the night here, watching folk performers while tucking into some food.

Shop until you drop

Corso Umberto I is great for more than just food; it has a number of fantastic clothing shops as well, all of which you can haggle in. It’s perfect for picking up some designer bargains, depending on your bartering skills, and you can also check out the independent Sicilian boutiques boasting collections of leather goods, antiques and handmade ceramics. If you’re in need of some retail therapy, you will love this street, as there are plenty of cafés – perfect for refuelling while shopping.

Take a day trip

If you previously wondered whether holidays to Taormina Mare are a little limited, think again, as the location of the bays make for easy planning of day trips. By going a little further afield than just Taormina itself, you can take in some fantastic sightseeing opportunities in locations such as Messina and Catania. They are less than an hour away and will offer a refreshing change of pace, Norman and Baroque architecture, and variations on the foods you’ve already tried. You might also like to head to Spisone Bay, but you’ll need to take refreshments and snacks with you, as it is unspoilt and has no shops or restaurants.

The perfect base for exploring the wider area, Taormina Mare is a pretty collection of bays that allow you to enjoy the best of everything. When you fancy a quiet day free from other holidaymakers, the bays offer secluded tranquillity, but Taormina is just a short distance up into the hills, if a little more excitement is what you’re after.


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