A guide to the best beaches in Paphos

The eastern coast of Cyprus is perhaps more acclaimed for its beaches than the west. However, Paphos still boasts some of the most impressive sandy stretches on the island, including two of the most famous. The water here is every bit as tepid, translucent and tranquil, while there are strands to cater to all kinds of travellers. No matter whether you’re after a watersports stronghold, a family-friendly resort or a secluded hidden gem, you’re sure to find something along the 50 kilometres of coast to be explored during holiday packages to Paphos. In fact, nearly all in our list below have Blue Flag accreditation.

Coral Bay

Once a well-kept secret, Coral Bay is now one of the most popular choices on the island. Half a kilometre of golden sand is bookended by sheer limestone headlands and fringed by an assortment of hotels, restaurants and beach bars.

In among all of the activity, there’s still plenty of room for palm trees and shrubbery, further accentuating the natural beauty of the site. It’s a popular choice year-round.

Petra tou Romiou Beach, or Aphrodite's Rock

Perhaps the most famous beach in Cyprus, Petra tou Romiou is better known by its English name, Aphrodite’s Rock. It’s so called due to the rocky outcrop a little way off shore, which is said to be the birth place of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Though the beach is shingled and not so comfortable for bathing, it’s an incredibly popular spot for a romantic stroll or an amorous dip due to the folklore surrounding it. Legend has it that swimmers who successfully circle the rock three times will fall head over heels in love in the imminent future.

Ta Bania

The majority of the sand in front of the town of Geroskipou is privately owned, belonging to the hotels which fringe the shoreline. However, Ta Bania is an exception to the rule – its English translation is ‘The Baths’, signifying its availability as a public bathing area.

The novelty of slipping into the sea while still in the thick of town makes Ta Bania a popular choice with swimmers and sunbathers, especially due to the extensive decking area that surrounds it.

Dasoudi Beach

There’s nothing quite like the gentle crashing of the waves to send you off to sleep at night. At Dasoudi, you can enjoy this relaxing lullaby by camping right on the beach itself. With enough space for 200 campers, the beach makes an affordable accommodation option – providing you’ve brought your own tent.

There’s even a bar, restaurant, changing rooms, kitchen facilities and TV on site, with live music played throughout high tourist season. You haven’t lived until you’ve taken a twilight dip to relax yourself before bed or one at the break of dawn to wash out the cobwebs.

Laourou Beach

Coral Bay might steal all the headlines when it comes to beaches in Peyia. But if you’re in the market for a more secluded and less hectic sunbathing scene, Laourou might be up your alley.

While still equipped with lifeguards, sun beds and watersports hire, it’s much less crowded than its more prestigious neighbour and comes complete with pristine golden sands and calm water.

Alykes Beach

Alykes Beach is an excellent choice equipped with lovely sand, peaceful water and an abundance of lush vegetation. It’s also popular with tourists wanting to explore the local area on their Paphos holiday, as it’s handily situated if you plan to visit the nearby attractions of the Tomb of the Kings, the Paphos mosaics or the medieval castle.

The tourism drawn by these archaeological treasures has also heralded the creation of a plethora of bars, restaurants, stores and kiosks in the area.