Nightlife in Limassol

If you’re thinking about booking a Cyprus holiday, chances are you’re going to want to sample some of that famous local nightlife. The island has a solid reputation for being both a party capital and a laid-back place to while away an evening over cocktails and conversation – and as one of the major cities in Cyprus, Limassoloffers a fun night out for every budget and occasion. The city is huge, and you could wander its streets for days never seeing it all – but luckily, we’ve got some inside knowledge on Limassol’s best nightlife spots.

Start classy at Blue Apple

Right at the beating heart of Limassol, Blue Apple is a local sensation that’s also gained quite a following among those enjoying Paphos holidays. A stylish central bar surrounded by modern furniture and rustic walls gives this place a feel all its own, in keeping with the mix of old and modern that defines Limassol. Relaxed drinks and a tasty meal will set you up for further adventures in the night, although we wouldn’t blame you if you stayed here until closing time.

Open-air nights at Dolce Club

For a slick modern beachfront nightclub, there’s not much in Cyprus that can beat Dolce Club, where cosmopolitan customers mingle under starry Cyprus skies. Fountains and sheltered seating lit up by slick neon lights give the place an exclusive feel – it’s a world away from the wild antics of somewhere like Ayia Napa but still guaranteed to give your trip an unforgettable touch of class.

Catch the match at Hamlet Pub

As the name suggests, this bar has taken on the traditional values of a good old-fashioned English pub, and has done since the 1930s. That’s not to say it’s out of touch with the modern crowd, however – the weekend dance parties are the stuff of legends, and for sports fans, there are two huge indoor projectors and an even bigger outside projector to watch all your favourite sports live. Not only that, but there are more than 40 screens throughout the venue, meaning you’re always going to have a great view of the beautiful game.

Best of both worlds at Rumours Bar

A popular spot for holidaymakers, a mix of well-priced drinks and a relaxing atmosphere makes Rumours one of the most frequently visited parts of town. For those of you in the mood to dance, the music here is top notch – but if you instead want to recline in the moonlight, there’s a cosy outdoors area to unwind in.

Cocktails at Sesto Senso

This is the city’s most exclusive nightclub, where you go dressed to impress to see and be seen. A mix of tourists and locals can be found inside, enjoying the sophisticated style of the place and sipping on cocktails infused with flavours from across the world. It’s a slick venue for the true club connoisseur.