All Inclusive Holidays to Paphos

Ah, Paphos – historic, sun-drenched and beachy to boot. Staying here will give you access to this beautiful region’s best sites, while going All Inclusive throws some seriously great hotel deals into the mix. You really can’t lose.

Paphos All Inclusive Holidays

All Inclusive holidays in Paphos mean buffet meals and pool scenes

Four and a half hours is all it’ll take to reach your All Inclusive holiday in Paphos.

Paphos was essentially built for All Inclusive holidays – this Cypriot region is even the locals’ All Inclusive destination, divided into Old and New Paphos. Here, you’ve got the best of both worlds. Old Paphos is further inland and is rumoured to be the site where Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, was born, while New Paphos, though technically far from new, is home to staggering archaeological sites and a swanky marina.

Choosing All Inclusive in Paphos will open doors to buffet meals at your hotel, which tend to be just on the doorstep of nearby sites. The resort centre of Paphos City is rife with historic architecture and bustling shores, and sits right on the edge of nearby Limassol and Coral Bay, so you’ve basically got a three-for-one deal. Both resorts are the height of holidaymaker-friendly, with Limassol’s zoo and waterpark and Coral Bay’s bevy of beaches.

Nearby beaches

Being a coastal region, Paphos is understandably treated to a wide array of beaches. From revving with watersports to practically comatose, the area’s namesake city even has a pitstop on the Where-Were-The-Ancient-Greek-Gods-Born tour. We might have made that tour up, but we’re serious about the landmark status – you’ve got all your bases covered here.

The beach in Coral Bay is a top spot as a city beach, backed by hotels and beach bars. It’s your neighbourhood lively spot. On the other end of the spectrum are snoozy slabs of sand like Lady’s Mile Beach in Limassol, though the town has its fair share of bustling shores. Dasoudi Beach is the town’s main drag, with family-friendly Governor’s Beach not far behind. As for that history we mentioned – Aphrodite’s Rock in Paphos’ eponymous subregion is arguably the most popular beach on the island, known as the birthplace of Aphrodite.

What's included in your holiday

Going All Inclusive means you’re off the hook for most holiday details, allowing you to focus on the important things – like actually enjoying your holiday. In most cases, your All Inclusive package will include any transfers to your hotel from the airport, along with buffet meals, hotel activities and, in some cases, alcoholic drinks. At any rate, it’s always a good idea to read the hotel information before booking your All Inclusive deal, to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

All Inclusive Luxury Holidays in Paphos

Other popular holidays in Cyprus

If you’re totally sold on an All Inclusive holiday to Cyprus but you’re still iffy on Paphos, there are loads of other Cypriot regions for you to try on for size. Have a look at Larnaca, whose party town Ayia Napa and the luxurious Nissi Beach are show stoppers in their own rite. But if you discover Paphos still has your heart, have a look at our Paphos travel guide for more information. In the meantime, here are our top All Inclusive hotels in this sunny slice of Cyprus.

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All Inclusive Couples Holidays in Paphos

Popular All Inclusive Hotels in Paphos

Damon Hotel and Apartments

The Damon Hotel and Apartments are just about as All Inclusive as you can get with a central pool scene and gym, plus a playground and kids’ club for little ones. As far as food goes, your All Inclusive package gives you full access to breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets, as well as snacks and beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic. To top it off, these accommodations cosy up to the beach, while the harbour and archaeological sites are a little over 10 minutes away – not that you’d need any more entertainment, seeing as karaoke, bingo and live shows are also on the menu.

Atlantica Oasis Hotel

Located just five minutes from area bars and restaurants, the Atlantica Oasis Hotel’s pride and joy is without a doubt its staggering pool scene, equipped with its very own waterfall, seconded only by the pirate-themed kids’ pool. There’s a full gym and aquaerobic lineup during the summer, plus activities like volleyball, outdoor films, karaoke, magic shows and live music. You’ve got a superb array of dining options here with an international buffet and two a la carte restaurants, the latter of which you’ll get to visit once per stay.

Coral Beach Hotel and Resort

Sleek and chic are the only ways to describe the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort, which consists of whitewashed buildings lined with palm trees and directly facing the waterfront. There’s a big lagoon pool, aquaerobics, tennis and water polo for your days, and entertainment consisting of live music and quizzes for your nights. Going All Inclusive here means you’ll have access to three buffet meals a day, plus drinks almost all day and evening, including cocktails, and ice cream to top it all off. With the views considered, it’ll come as no surprise that the beach is a blink away, while Coral Bay’s resort centre is about five minutes on the horizon.