Ayia Napa Holidays 2024/2025

Synonymous with foam parties, firewater and all-night clubbing, holidays to Ayia Napa connect you to the hub of nightlife in Cyprus. However, this south-eastern resort offers much more than just happy hour and hangovers. It’s brimming with beaches and watersports, plus, a huge water park, coral reef diving and bungee jumping opportunities, as well as national parks and ancient ruins.

Despite it’s ever increasing popularity, you may be surprised how budget-friendly this destination can be. Cheap Ayia Napa holidays are brimming with affordable activities and venues, and you don’t have to miss out on anything it has to offer.

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Ayia Napa Holiday Deals

Fun days and wild nights

The nightlife is undoubtedly the principal reason most people head off on Ayia Napa holidays, where all the activity centres on the main square. Though smaller than you might expect, the square is jam-packed with bars and clubs jostling for business and boasting an impressive party vibe. If you’re looking for an alcohol-fuelled and hangover-punctuated holiday, you’ve come to the right place.

Having said that, there’s plenty to see and do in Ayia Napa during the day. For starters, the eight-kilometre coast around these parts is home to 14 splendid beaches, each and every one of them accredited with Blue Flag status. You can hire watersports equipment at most of them for those seeking out a bit of adrenaline. Under the water, there’s a spectacular coral reef so scuba-diving possibilities are second to none.


Blue skies, blue seas, blue flags

As a European certification of quality and cleanliness, you know what you’re getting with a Blue Flag beach. Every single one of the 14 stretches of sand in and around Ayia Napa has achieved Blue Flag status, ensuring that a sunbathing session here will be up there with the best in the world.

Nissi Beach is perhaps the busiest as it caters to the party crowd – offering foam parties, cheap cocktails and pumping tunes throughout the day and far into the night. One of the longest on the island, Harbour Beach is more geared towards families, with plenty of sun loungers, parasols and other facilities for everything you could need. You’ll also find plenty of family-friendly hotels here too – Ayia Napa is not solely for the party goers!

Sandy Bay is a great option for those looking for a secluded spot. Sat snugly between two areas of headland, the beach offers that element of shelter that makes you feel like you’re in a hidden spot, perfect for just laying back and getting that book finished. If you head up on the headlands, you’ll get a panoramic view of the whole of Ayia Napa.

If you like your holidays full of adrenaline, Ayia Napa’s Blue Flag beaches provide excellent places to try your hand at any number of high-octane watersports. They include windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing and wakeboarding.

With every beach offering something different, you’re guarantee to find your slice of paradise. What’s more, having so much choice means you can mix it up each day, so those low-spend days on your cheap Ayia Napa holiday all brig something different.

Deep-sea diving in the deep blue yonder

Though coral reefs have become something of a rarity in Europe, the Cypriot coast is one of the few places where you can still find them in abundance. Here, divers are treated to a rich array of colours and creatures, with an incredibly diverse ecosystem underneath the water off Ayia Napa. In fact, one of the world’s best diving sites centres here in Ayia Napa, on the Swedish ferry MS Zenobia that shipwrecked just off the coast in 1980 on her maiden voyage. Whether you’re a pro or just keen to try something new, there’s an opportunity for all.

Those with a superstitious side can head to Cape Greco National Park off the tip of the peninsula to see if they can see the fabled Leviathan who is reputed to lurk there – or simply take some stunning shots of the scenery. The national park is filled with nature trails lined with pine trees and  offers sweeping views of the coast that’ll seriously impress those back home. There are various points in the park that you can go down some steps and take a dip in the warm waters.

Set your pulse a-racing

If you like your holidays full of adrenaline and action packed there’s plenty to keep you busy until the sun goes down, and the volume comes up.  Ayia Napa’s Blue Flag beaches provide excellent places to try your hand at any number of high-octane watersports. They include windsurfing, jet-skiing, parasailing and wakeboarding.

For the really adventurous, a trip to Ayia Napa wouldn’t be complete without a death-defying bungee jump. At a dizzying height of 60 metres above Nissi Beach, you can let go of your inhibitions and face your fears as you leap into the void. If you dare.

Enjoy a day out to WaterWorld Themed Waterpark, an award-winning amusement park that’s one of the biggest of its kind in Europe. Race your friends down the Chariot Chase, have a laugh on the fall of Icarus or get serious with the Kamikaze rides – either or, it’s a great day out for all.

Hit the dance floor

No guide to Ayia Napa would be complete without covering its nightlife. Ayia Naa is probably one of a few destinations you immediatley think of when thinking party holiday, and you’d certainly be right to. The party atmosphere that pervades the daylight hours comes to fever pitch once the sun has dipped beneath the horizon. With world-famous DJs regularly visiting the town’s many clubs and discos, it’s easy to see why ravers, movers and shakers from all over the world flock here all year round. Ayia Napa’s strip – or square – is sat right in the heart of the town so is easily accessible wherever you’re staying.

Foam parties, paint parties, boat parties or any other kind of party you can imagine, happens here in Ayia Napa.

There are a selection of quieter bars too, some offer live music and karaoke, while others just offer somewhere to sit and watch the party-goers go by. It can be a good evening to just sit among the electrifying atmosphere without fully partaking.

Despite being such a popular party spot, cheap Ayia Napa holidays are still easily done. There’s always happy hours and enticing deals and discounts in the bars and clubs, and if you’re planning for a particular event, tickets can usually be bought online before your arrival for discounted prices.

Neighbouring resorts

Ayia Napa may be fully of personality and action, but its neighbours in the Larnaca Region have just as much to offer. Pernera is a quieter resort where you’ll enjoy laid-back evenings tucking into authentic cuisine while getting to know the locals. It can be a great place to stay out the way, but within easy reach of the parties and all the adventure.

The coastal town of Protaras is a little livelier with plenty of bars offering entertainment come night fall, and rolling countryside and ancient ruins to explore by day. It can be a great resort for families as it offers pretty much everything you could want, but just a notch slower than the lively Ayia Napa.

Being one of the largest cities in Cyprus, Larnaca has tons to offer, and particularly for the history buffs. Several beaches, several ancient ruins and several hours of dancing makes up this city and with extensive transport links all around, it makes a great day out, or base for exploring further afield.