Jamaica Holidays 2022/2023

With its balmy climate, stunning scenery and laid-back vibe, Jamaica is an enticing holiday destination. Add to this deliciously spicy cuisine and colourful musical tradition, and you'll soon catch the bug for holidays to Jamaica. Have lively times in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios, or a slowed-down pace in Runaway Bay.

Jamaica Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Jamaica, the happiness island

From the restrained elegance of Falmouth to the party atmosphere in Montego Bay, Jamaica is an island of contrasts. It can be compared with the exhilarating pace of Usain Bolt to the laid back rhythmic vibe of Bob Marley’s reggae. Both of these stars’ skills highlight the very different parts of this idyllic island.

Whether you’re visiting Jamaica to lie on the beach, savour jerk chicken or simply wander around and explore the more isolated parts of the island, you’re certain to have plenty of fun. If you’d like to chill out or dance hard in some of the island’s best nightclubs or feed your watersports passion, there are enough activities on Jamaica to satisfy all ages and tastes.

Currency: Jamaican Dollar

Language: English

Time Difference: GMT -5

Population: 2.8 million

Religion: Christianity



Situated east of Montego Bay and formerly one of the busiest ports on Jamaica, Falmouth is a beautiful Georgian town. With its stunning beaches, wonderful wildlife and extraordinary lagoon, Falmouth has plenty of attractions for those in search of a more relaxed style of Jamaica holiday.


Nestled between the popular resorts of Negril and Montego Bay sits the quiet and peaceful town of Lucea. Built on a natural harbour overlooked by forest-covered mountains, you've got seclusion and relaxation at your fingertips. Still relatively undiscovered, here you'll enjoy the best in holidays to Jamaica – perfect white beaches, palm trees, and its familiar laid-back reggae beat, without the bustle of a large resort. Discover the real Jamaica at your own pace with this beautiful spot in the Caribbean, and you'll find a holiday of a lifetime.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is Jamaica's most famous area. You'll feel right at home in this lively spot filled with pristine white sandy beaches and a shimmering sea boasting coral reefs, as well as some of the best nightlife in Jamaica.


Negril is all about two words – beautiful beaches. Actually, beautiful doesn't even begin to describe Seven Mile Beach, one of the most gorgeous stretches of sand in the world. Add to this the resort's towering cliffs, coral reef excursions and Jamaican fare, and you've got yourself one serious stunner.

Ocho Rios

A fishing village turned holidaymakers' delight, Ocho Rios offers spotless beaches kissed by endless sunshine to those who visit during Jamaica holidays. Located on the north of the island, you'll get a good mix of natural splendour and modern amenities for both relaxation and activity. Delicious meals come with Jamaican hospitality at the highest level.

Runaway Bay

This tiny white sand bay nestled on the north coast of Jamaica is the perfect spot to get away from it all. With its laid–back vibe, boasting some of the quietest beaches on the island, spend glorious days bathing, reef diving or visiting nearby waterfalls, then nights sipping rum punch.


A laid-back Caribbean paradise with year-round great weather and amazing natural scenery, it's no wonder that holidays to Jamaica are becoming ever more popular. Trelawny is the perfect parish to visit, with its host of fabulous and not-too overcrowded beaches to explore. Enjoying a leisurely pace of life, some think of Trelawny as something of a time-warp location, with Georgian architecture and dusty roads all contributing to the charm and character of this sleepy region that is close to Montego Bay.

A naturally beautiful landscape

Explore natural beauty on cheap holidays to Jamaica and you’ll no doubt recognise some of the scenery you travel through. For decades Hollywood directors have been visiting the island and using it as a backdrop for some of their best films. Among others, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and the absurdly funny ‘Cool Runnings’ were both shot here.

You can experience the exuberant thrills of the waterfalls at the Reggae Style Mayfield Falls, just a four-minute drive away from Negril. Combine nature with adventure and the end result is the Mystic Mountain, a five-minute drive from Ocho Rios. Taking a chairlift that ascends some 700 feet over the rainforest, you’ll get a stunning view of this part of Jamaica. The destination will definitely set your pulse racing.

Retail therapy

If your idea of holiday heaven is to open your wallet and spend, then you’ll have ample opportunity to do so on Jamaica. Forget about large scale shopping mall experiences, retail therapy in Jamaica is all about sourcing the unique and the special. There are crafts stalls and markets all over the island where you’ll be able to find unique wooden carvings, and take home a little bit of Jamaica’s special style to remind you of your holiday.

Island Village shopping complex in Ocho Rios offers you a beautiful environment as well as a wide range of shops. You’ll be able to browse to your heart’s content and admire the lagoon and flowering trees that make up this intriguing centre.

Boogie nights

Jamaica knows how to host a party, and it would be almost criminal not to visit one of the island’s lively nightspots. Whether you take part in an open air beach party, or head to a nightclub in bustling Montego Bay, you’re definitely going to enjoy the sweet beats of reggae and other Caribbean sounds.

Jamaican nightlife also encompasses some really extraordinary venues. There’s an ice bar in Montego Bay called Chillin’, where even the shot glasses are made from ice. Or you can just spend time in Falmouth drinking cocktails by a luminous lagoon. Rum is usually the drink of choice, but Red Stripe beer comes a close second if you don’t enjoy spirits or cocktails.

Beach life

Jamaica is renowned for its stunning long stretches of sand. With over 50 public beaches to choose from, as well as private beaches for those planning Jamaica All Inclusive holidays, it’s easy to find your special spot and lie back and soak up the rays.

Montego Bay’s Cornwall Beach is one of the longest stretches of sand on the island, where you can chill out on a lounger, snorkel to explore what’s beneath the waves or enjoy a game of beach volleyball. While Waves Beach, in the southeast of the island, is the place to head if you want entertainment and family fun days.

Let there be jerk

Jamaicans love spicy food, and you’ll encounter jerk seasoning on most meats and fish. Scotch bonnet peppers are a key ingredient of this seasoning, so you may find that these dishes are slightly on the fiery side. Rice and peas are also very popular here, as are yam, plantain and beef patties.

Seafood is a wise choice at Jamaican restaurants as it’s invariably fresh from the sea that day. If you’re prepared to be adventurous with menu items you’ve not encountered before, your holiday in Jamaica is the perfect time to experiment and have fun.