Bourgas Region Holidays 2022/2023

The Bourgas region of Bulgaria lies to the south-east of the country and features many golden beaches along its Black Sea coastline. Built up around these beaches are both quiet and lively resort towns. The countryside opens up as you head further inland, packed with beautiful nature reserves, areas of forests and mountains, and meandering rivers. There are also plenty of historic places of interest to discover and explore.

Bourgas Region Holiday Deals 2022/2023

Relax on idyllic beaches

It’s no surprise that most visitors flocking to the coastal Bourgas region are looking for beaches on which to spend their days (and sometimes evenings). And it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The resort of Sunny Beach is home to the most popular stretch on the Black Sea coast, with its Blue Flag Beach having five miles of glorious sand to walk and relax on. There are lots of water sports on offer, too, so why not hire a jet ski and have fun zooming about on the water. The huge number of family-friendly restaurants and cafés mean you’re guaranteed a great spot to enjoy a delicious lunch with a view.

A slightly quieter and smaller beach can be found at Obzor. There’s more of an authentic and traditional coastal-town feel here, with calm, shallow waters matching the laid-back atmosphere. However, you can take things up a notch with some windsurfing or a few games of beach volleyball.

Currency: Bulgarian Lev

Time Difference: GMT +2

Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox



Perhaps surprising to some, holidays to Bulgaria can include lounging on beautiful beaches that rival those in more tropical areas of the world. Bulgaria's Black Sea coast makes up the whole eastern edge of the country and is home to numerous resorts and beaches, including the resort of Duni with its pale caramel-coloured stretch. Holidays to Duni, Bulgaria offer a relaxed beach experience, away from the bustle of livelier resorts nearby. Once an area of dunes and untouched countryside, Duni is now a much sought-after beach holiday destination.


Tucked in a bay that's hugged close to mountain slopes and rich in rolling green woodland, Elenite offers a sublime alternative to the more crowded resorts in Bulgaria. It has a long beach backed by greenery, with watersports, plus spa and shopping opportunities.


Over 3,000 years of history has converged in Nessebar, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and also happens to have some of the finest beaches on the Black Sea. A peninsula reaches out into the water to embrace a cluster of quaint cottages and grand classical architecture.

Obzor Beach

Obzor Beach is a small seaside resort with a magnificent backdrop of the Balkan Mountains, alongside miles of forest and grape vineyards. It's got almost 10 kilometres of sandy beach offering plenty of space to enjoy the warm weather on your holidays to Bulgaria, and is located just a short distance away from Sunny Beach and Nessebar.


The Black Sea Coast is the go-to holiday destination in Bulgaria, thanks to its warm weather, beguiling coastline and diverse culture. Of the many coastal resorts you could stay at, Pomorie, just 12 minutes away from Burgas airport, offers something special. Sitting on a peninsula jutting out into the Black Sea, this small town also borders Lake Pomorie, a salt lake thought to have healing powers. Throw in bright blue water, narrow streets and wooden houses, and you've got the perfect spot to relax and recharge those batteries.


While holidays to Bulgaria may be famous for world-class nightlife, this sleepy village couldn't be any more different. Nestled into the geologically impressive Bourgas Region, Sinemorets heralds a slow pace of life. A holiday in Sinemorets is all about getting back to nature, soothing the soul and calming the mind. The luscious countryside and sandy coves look almost untouched, and the volume is barely louder than a whisper, wherever you go. Sinemorets sits near the mouth of the Black Sea, giving way to otherworldly rock formations, challenging hiking trails and miles of uninhabited coastline.

St Vlas

The pretty town of St Vlas lies between the Black Sea and the majestic Balkan Mountains. It has a relaxed, laid-back feel with spacious, sandy beaches, popular with families and couples looking for the best place to book a package holiday to Bulgaria. It also has a smart yacht marina housing a generous selection of excellent restaurants and bars.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach lies on the palm-fringed coast of the Black Sea and is the largest resort in Bulgaria. Attracting visitors from all over Europe and beyond, holidays to Sunny Beach have a lively, cosmopolitan feel, where friends and families can have fun on wide stretches of sandy beach and enjoy the lively nightlife.


Bulgaria's Black Sea coast is home to some of Europe's best beaches, with sands that range from white through to the warmest golden hues. Paradise is much closer than you think as you don't need to travel to some distant tropical island to enjoy an idyllic beach. Holidays to Tsarevo are extremely popular and it's not hard to see why. This town and seaside resort lies close to the Strandzha Mountain range and features an attractive stretch of sand and quiet, uncrowded streets. Characterful, lively towns are within easy reach as are many areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Pretty coastal towns and resorts

The port city of Bourgas is on the southern Black Sea coast and is mostly untouched by mass tourism, with a stretch of sand that’s rarely crowded. Visit leafy Sea Garden park for some much-needed shade when temperatures start soaring on the nearby beach. There are several rivers just outside the city, providing ideal environments for both kayaking and birdwatching.

Obzor is a small and friendly town that isn’t just defined by its resort status and beach. Its main square is a paved piazza that’s lined with restaurants and bars and features a charming fountain as a central focal point. It’s the ideal place to enjoy some locally produced wine as you people-watch on the pleasant terrace.

Other attractive coastal towns in the area include Byala, Ahtopol and Sozopol. Each has its own unique look and feel, with facilities that cater to most interests.

Walk on the wildlife side

Wide swathes of the countryside within the Bourgas region of Bulgaria have been turned into protected areas for the diverse wildlife that inhabits it.

Strandzha Nature Park is the largest protected area in the whole of Bulgaria and is around a two-hour drive south from Sunny Beach. Its huge expanse encompasses Strandzha Mountain as well as many hills, forests, limestone cliffs and rivers. Animals known to live within these areas include golden jackals, wildcats and otters. There are many species of trees and plants within the dense forests, as well as crumbling ancient ruins to explore.

Bulgaria’s very own version of the Amazon rainforest is Ropotamo Nature Reserve. Take a boat trip down the river and enjoy spotting a variety of birds and reptiles, with cormorants, turtles, water snakes and dragonflies common sights. The peaceful, picturesque surroundings here are a joy.

Rich history and culture

The countries of eastern Europe have so many fascinating stories, with a history that spans many centuries and cultures. Exploring the historical buildings and sites of ancient towns during holidays to Bulgaria and the Bourgas region in particular is the perfect way to understand their colourful pasts.

Nessebar is an ancient town on the coast and features an Unesco-protected old town on the peninsula that connects to the mainland. It’s an enchanting place to get lost in as you make your way round the twisting streets.

A large number of churches nestle within its small space, as do many Roman ruins, and the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums which are both worth a stroll around. After all that sightseeing, take the weight off your feet at a harbourside seafood restaurant and sample some local cuisine.

The region of Bourgas has so much to offer, including beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife and characterful towns. It’s a great area to enjoy fun-filled days out by the sea with the family. It’s also a place where you can learn more about the country’s intriguing past. There really is something for everyone here, making it an unmissable holiday destination.