Pomorie Holidays 2024/2025

The Black Sea Coast is the go-to holiday destination in Bulgaria, thanks to its warm weather, beguiling coastline and diverse culture. Of the many coastal resorts you could stay at, Pomorie, just 12 minutes away from Burgas airport, offers something special. Sitting on a peninsula jutting out into the Black Sea, this small town also borders Lake Pomorie, a salt lake thought to have healing powers. Throw in bright blue water, narrow streets and wooden houses, and you’ve got the perfect spot to relax and recharge those batteries.

Pomorie Holiday Deals

Beach life

Your holiday to Pomorie will definitely involve some beach based activities. Clear water and sandy shores are lined with palm trees and plenty of cafés and bars to refuel in. If R&R is what you’re after, stretch out on a sun lounger with a good book while the kids build sandcastles. Grab a rod and enjoy some peace with the other fishermen sitting on the pier. Throw in some coastal exploration by hiring a boat and heading for the open seas. You can also get the adrenaline flowing with a spot of surfing, windsurfing or a sociable game of beach volleyball.

Salt lake sights

Lake Pomorie is no ordinary lake. One half provides the town with healing, mineral rich mud used in spa treatments and therapies, and the other half is a salt production centre. Salt plays a big part in the history of Pomorie, and salt production is still done in the same way it has been for centuries using the sun to evaporate the lake water. Find out all about it at the nearby Salt Museum.

The lake is also a famous bird sanctuary with over 250 species of birds living and visiting the lake each year. Head for the visitor centre, hire yourself a pair of binoculars and get twitching. You’ll also find information about the local flora and fauna posted on boards around the lake.

Hitting the town

There are plenty of ancient sites and landmarks to discover during holidays to Bulgaria. Despite being almost entirely destroyed by a fire in 1906, Pomorie still has a beautiful old town worth exploring. Wander down the pedestrianised main street and see the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, with its Russian sculptures and paintings. Visit the History Museum and see artefacts from as far back as prehistoric times, then stroll along the embankment to the beach and take in the scenic views of the peninsula.

The newer part of town, located on the mainland rather than the peninsula, is mainly residential but on the outskirts are several luxury hotel complexes close to the beach.

Don’t miss the Antique Beehive Tomb, a beautiful Thracian tomb with a brick dome. Walk down a corridor to a round chamber with a hollow column in the centre. Admire the stunning construction that has delighted tourists and historians for years.

Monks in action

See something truly unique on your Pomorie holiday with a visit to the only active monastery in south-east Bulgaria. Experience monastic life first hand at St George’s Monastery situated in the new town. Founded in the 7th-century, it has been rebuilt several times and has several valuable icons within its walls. It’s also home to the parish school so you may see lots of children around the place.

Entry to this peaceful retreat and its accompanying museum is free. Roam around the picturesque grounds, where you’ll find sculpted flowerbeds, a vegetable garden, an aviary, and a charred icon of St George. Taste jam and wine made by the monks with fruit from the monastery gardens.

Party on the beach

After all that peace and tranquillity, why not liven things up a bit in Sunny Beach, one of Bulgaria’s party resorts less than half an hour from Pomorie? The energy is palpable day and night in the water park, amusement park, on the beaches and of course in the bars and clubs. The long golden beach boasts playgrounds, bouncy castle and DJ’s blasting out the latest dance hits from beachfront bars.

Sweat out that hangover with a trip to a Turkish bath in one of the spa hotels in the resort then clear your head with a walk on secluded Irakli Beach, where there’s not a bar in sight.

Wallow in the mud near the lake or down a Rakia as dawn breaks on Sunny Beach. Listen to the birds singing in the aviary at St George’s Monastery or marvel at the architecture of the Beehive Tomb. Whatever you’re hankering for on your holiday, you’ll find it around the beach, lake and landmarks of Pomorie on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast.


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