Duni Holidays 2024/2025

Perhaps surprising to some, holidays to Bulgaria can include lounging on beautiful beaches that rival those in more tropical areas of the world. Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast makes up the whole eastern edge of the country and is home to numerous resorts and beaches, including the resort of Duni with its pale caramel-coloured stretch. Holidays to Duni, Bulgaria offer a relaxed beach experience, away from the bustle of livelier resorts nearby. Once an area of dunes and untouched countryside, Duni is now a much sought-after beach holiday destination.

Duni Holiday Deals

Beauty and the beach

The bay at Duni is covered in soft sand and backed by trees, with some hotels sitting right on the beach. Designed to look as if they’re part of a traditional Bulgarian village, the hotels blend perfectly into the landscape. Behind the beach are forest-covered hills that stretch as far as the eye can see. When you’re swimming in the warm, turquoise water, you get some of the best views possible of these lush surroundings.

Sun loungers and parasols are available meaning you can lie back and relax in comfort and shade. Although, with over two miles of sand on offer, you might prefer to take a leisurely stroll to explore the area for a more secluded spot.

Aquatic adventures

Make the most of being right by the sea and explore the waters of Duni on Banana boats or jet skis. Boat trips are available too, giving you the chance to see the area from a different perspective and have a lot of fun along the way.

Swimming is a popular way to enjoy the sea here. The sand slopes gradually and gently into the calm water, making it especially ideal for children to go for a safe dip. The only thing you need to watch out for is people zooming along on jet skis and boats heading out on tours!

A rich history

Holidays in Duni provide an ideal opportunity to explore the fascinating Bourgas region of Bulgaria. There are many historic sites of interest within a short distance, with Beglik Tash being just a 30-minute drive away. This prehistoric and mysterious rock sanctuary is situated in the middle of idyllic woods near the town of Primorsko. Stroll among the huge stones and imagine what it must have been like as a place of worship in ancient times.

The Castle of Ravadinovo is just a 15-minute drive away. While it isn’t technically a historic site (it was built less than 30 years ago), a visit to this fairytale-style castle gives you the feeling of stepping back in time.

Day trip to Burgas

Many interesting towns and cities are within easy reach when you enjoy a holiday in Duni. The port city of Burgas is just an hour’s drive away and is full of shops and cafés to people watch and rub shoulders with the locals. It features a convenient pedestrianised centre and a huge shopping mall, making it easy to get around on foot.

As you work your way around the city, you’ll come across several museums including the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum. For a dose of nature, head to one of the four lakes just outside the city to do a spot of birdwatching and even take a kayak out on the water.

Nearest airport to Duni

Burgas Airport – 31 miles

You can reach Duni by taxi or car hire from Burgas Airport in around 1 hour.

Holidays to Duni, Bulgaria are about enjoying the atmosphere of a family-friendly beach as you relax and watch the sea gently lapping the sand. Swim in calm, warm waters that provide the perfect place to soak up views of the forest-covered mountains which sit behind the beach. It’s not all about chilled out days spent on the sand though, as Duni is a gateway to many of the Bourgas region’s cultural and historical hotspots.


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