Sinemorets Holidays 2024/2025

While holidays to Bulgaria may be famous for world-class nightlife, this sleepy village couldn’t be any more different. Nestled into the geologically impressive Bourgas Region, Sinemorets heralds a slow pace of life. A holiday in Sinemorets is all about getting back to nature, soothing the soul and calming the mind. The luscious countryside and sandy coves look almost untouched, and the volume is barely louder than a whisper, wherever you go. Sinemorets sits near the mouth of the Black Sea, giving way to otherworldly rock formations, challenging hiking trails and miles of uninhabited coastline.

Sinemorets Holiday Deals

Understand the beauty of nature

The buzzing clubs and bars of Sunny Beach haven’t made their way down to Sinemorets – so think bright green forests and sparkling seas, rather than strobe lighting and neon signs. There’s an abundance of nature in and around this Bulgarian village, so even a quiet walk by the river could lead to an unforgettable experience. If you follow the snaking Veleka River to where it meets the sea, you could see anything from lynxes skulking through the undergrowth to falcons soaring above the tall trees. You’ll want to head northeast from Sinemorets to see an interesting geological formation called The Ships. These offshore cliffs look like man-made structures. At sunrise and sunset, you’ll realise why this is one of Bulgaria’s most photogenic spots.

Walk an interesting stretch of coastline

There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches on holidays to Bulgaria, but if you don’t fancy spending all day on the sand, Sinemorets has plenty of coastal walks. There’s a pebbly stretch between the Black Sea and the Veleka Lagoon that guarantees some gorgeous views. If you want a more challenging walk, travel south of Butamyata Beach. The coast has some odd-looking rock formations: a canyon, Sisyphus’s Cliffs and the Cave of Pigeons. There are information boards along the walk, so you can learn about how the cliffs formed and what mythical stories they represent. Carrying along this path will take you to the secluded Silistar Beach, where it’s often so empty that you’ll feel as though you’re on a deserted island.

Explore the Strandzha Nature Park

A holiday in Sinemorets means you’re right on the border of the vast Strandzha Nature Park. Despite being a popular reserve, the rich forests look almost untouched by human hand. In this vast park, you can spot many different kinds of birds, reptiles and butterflies. There are two ways to explore the reserve: either join up with a guided tour or hire a 4×4 and head out alone. Once you’re in Strandzha, there’s a couple of other memorable places to visit and things to see. You should try to catch a nestinarstvo performance – the art of dancing on embers barefoot, while drums and bagpipes play. If you want to see a traditional village, stop off at Brashlyan.

Try the area’s best beaches

As the literal translation of Sinemorets is ‘place on the blue sea’, it’s no surprise that the beaches around here are spectacular. Tucked above the estuary where the Veleka River meets the Black Sea, visitors to Sinemorets can take advantage of the long river mouth and its surrounding sandy beaches. The powder-white sand and clear green-blue sea is nothing short of inviting. As well as being a beautiful feat of nature, this set-up means you can swim whenever you want. Even when the sea itself is too choppy, you can dip in the estuary for a more gentle, relaxing time. You might even catch a few fish as the resident carp head upstream!

Experience the local culture

The food in Sinemorets is fresh, well-cooked and sourced from the landscape surrounding it. The main street in the village is home to many of the best restaurants, and you’ll find a combination of fresh fish and seafood as well as traditional Bulgarian dishes. The local delicacies include handmade Tarama caviar, fish soup and deep fried European sprout. If you fancy a few drinks in the evening, head to the village bar, Koraba. It has a lively crowd with fairly-priced drinks and good music. The views over the sea at sunset are something else, so try to grab a spot overlooking the coast.

Sail the Veleka River

The Veleka River is responsible for the wildness of Sinemorets’ landscape and its wealth of nature. Whether you walk alongside it, sail atop it, or gaze at it from different viewpoints, you’ll never see the same scene twice. The estuary is hands-down the most beautiful section of the river. As the sea meets the river, the entwining colours are mesmerising to watch. There are plenty of boat tours running up and down the river, giving you the chance to learn more about the lush forests and resident animals. If you’re lucky, you could see dolphins, porpoises, seals and lynx as you go. Once you’re back on shore, there are many different eco-trails that take you up into the forest.

With its clear waters, miles of trails and thick forests, Sinemorets gives you the chance to escape into nature from the stresses of modern life. Whether you want to swim, hike or cycle, you’ll find a way to enjoy this incredible feat of nature and find yourself in the wild. If you’re after the pure bliss of relaxing on a clear beach with warm weather – you couldn’t ask for a better place.


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