Elenite Holidays 2024/2025

Tucked in a bay that’s hugged close to mountain slopes and rich in rolling green woodland, Elenite offers a sublime alternative to the more crowded resorts in Bulgaria. It has a long beach backed by greenery, with watersports, plus spa and shopping opportunities.

Elenite Holiday Deals

Jewel of the southern shore

When viewed from above, Elenite looks like a tapestry of terracotta orange rooftops and winding little streets, and it’s a similar story on the ground. A slow stroll through the streets is all you need to take in the sights, sounds and sensations of this local gem, with tiny shops and street-side cafes providing a new distraction at every turn.

The commitment the town has made to becoming one of the best resorts in Bulgaria also means you’ve got plenty of access to spas, art and sporting activities, but for many people, the big draw of this location is its beautiful beach.

An emerald coast

Bathed in sunshine and stretching across the town in a long slope of vanilla-pale sand, the local beach offers fantastic scenery as much as it gives you the chance to hitch up on a lounger and let the crashing sound of the waves melt your stresses away.

Give yourself permission to drift away on the shore, although the waves will be enticing too. Lifeguards are always on hand to keep everyone safe in the water, so feel free to take a paddle, or maybe let your adventurous spirit loose to take on some watersports.

Close to the beach, you’re going to find a range of shops and cafes catering to anything you might need during your time in the sun. That includes cool cocktails as much as it does light bites, so we really won’t blame you if you choose to spend your day by the sea from sunrise until sunset.

Delightful dining

The commitment to good food that they make in Elenite more than speaks for itself. You’re going to find a good range of restaurants here, which gives you the peace of mind that even the fussiest of tastebuds are catered for.

Bulgarian cuisine shares a lot with that of Greece and Turkey, although it has plenty of flavours all its own for you to enjoy as well. Seafood is always big on the agenda for Balkan holidays, with some restaurants taking that theme and running with it, garlanding nets over their walls and pictures of ships around their rustic furniture.

On the other side of things, you’re going to find a good selection of international options open to you as well, including classic French and Italian dishes, together with a fair few Asian surprises.

End the night on a high note

Once your stomach has stopped rumbling and your waiter has bid you goodnight, you’re likely to be heading for the door in search of a late night tipple to round off your day. Once again, the cosy community of Elenite isn’t going to leave you wanting on that front, with a good selection of affordable bars ready and waiting to make your stay ever more pleasant.

Some of those venues stick with tradition, with big wooden beams and mahogany counters, while others are more modern, with neon lights and beachfront cocktail spirit. However you choose to spend your evening, you can rest assured it will be anything but dull.

Designed for relaxation

Elenite is your retreat from the world, and to that end it’s been smartly thought out so that everything is close at hand. Spas are dotted throughout the town in several out of the way areas, which gives you the chance to take advantage of their modern means of helping you unwind, together with a whole host of treatments, massages and therapies.

Once you’re beautified, you’re free and reinvigorated to hit the streets for some bargain hunting, or getting out into the back country for countryside walks and cultural exploration.


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