Tsarevo Holidays 2024/2025

Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is home to some of Europe’s best beaches, with sands that range from white through to the warmest golden hues. Paradise is much closer than you think as you don’t need to travel to some distant tropical island to enjoy an idyllic beach. Holidays to Tsarevo are extremely popular and it’s not hard to see why. This town and seaside resort lies close to the Strandzha Mountain range and features an attractive stretch of sand and quiet, uncrowded streets. Characterful, lively towns are within easy reach as are many areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Tsarevo Holiday Deals

Bulgarian beach life

Let waves of peace and quiet wash over you as you lie back on Tsarevo’s quiet beach. Watching the actual waves of the sea calmly rise and fall against the golden sand is just as relaxing. Hire sun loungers for the ultimate in beach comfort, or enjoy the feeling of soft sand between your toes as you find the perfect spot to sit.

The beach is backed by thick forest, creating a sense of wildness that matches the often rugged nature of the shore in places. There are plenty of areas where the sand slopes gently into the sea, making the beach ideal for children wanting to go for a swim. The water is very clear and never rough, so go ahead and dive in!

A taste of Tsarevo

Despite being a resort, the town of Tsarevo itself is actually pretty quiet. It retains much of its original charm from times pre-1934, when it was known as Vasiliko. The Bulgarian royal family used to holiday here, hence the name change to Tsarevo (‘royal palace’). The regal connections extend to the food on offer here, as you can eat like a king in the town’s many restaurants.

Fish and seafood dishes feature heavily on most menus and plenty of restaurants serve traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Grilled or fried small bluefish is a particular favourite with locals. Other dishes you can try in Tsarevo include shopska salata, deep fried sprats and fried goby fish. Round off any meal with a glass of rakia, a delicious Bulgarian fruit brandy.

Get back to nature

The largest protected area in Bulgaria, Strandzha Nature Park, is around 30 minutes away from Tsarevo by car. Part of the majestic Strandzha Mountain range can be found within the park as well as forests, rivers and cliffs.

There’s a large number of plant and tree species growing here, as well as a wide range of wildlife. Animals that call the park’s forests and rivers home include otters, wildcats and golden jackals. While spotting many delightful creatures during your visit, you’ll also come across some of the fascinating ancient ruins that dot the park.

See the sights of Sozopol

Most holidays to Bulgaria within the Bourgas region mean a visit to Sozopol. This historic hotspot of a town is just a 35-minute drive from Tsarevo. Its old town area is a lovely place to enjoy a leisurely stroll through narrow, cobbled streets lined with charming wooden houses.

In terms of sightseeing, most of the attractions here are medieval churches and the remnants of fortress walls. The seafront walking trail takes you all the way to the Ancient Gate of Sozopol. You’re not short on options when lunchtime comes as there are many restaurants, bars and cafés on offer. The whole area has a fun yet laidback vibe, with street vendors and performers adding energy and colour to your experience.

Nearest airport to Tsarevo

Burgas Airport – 47 miles

Take a taxi or hire a car and you can get from Burgas Airport to Tsarevo in 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Bulgaria is continuing to grow in popularity as a holiday destination as people are discovering just how beautiful the country is. Holidays to Tsarevo give you a slice of everything the Black Sea coast has to offer. That means tranquil stretches of sand and wild areas of forest to enjoy as your immediate surroundings with great links to other towns within the Bourgas region. Wherever you go, you’re sure to love the welcoming, friendly atmosphere.


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