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Visit Santa in Lapland - Magical Christmas Holidays

Lapland Christmas Holidays - Amazing 4-Night Deals for Winter 2014

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Visit Santa Claus in the Winter Wonderland of Lapland

SantaLapland is a snow-covered winter wonderland located in the far north of Finland, close to the Arctic Circle. Given the familiar association of this snowy Finnish province with a certain Mr. S. Claus, many people choose the festive period as their ideal time to visit Lapland. Christmas in Lapland will certainly require that you pack your thermal underwear and warmest reindeer print jumpers.

December brings with it the coldest temperatures in Lapland, when thermometers plummet into double minus figures. Despite this, during the magical time of Christmas, Lapland holidays offer the unique opportunity to visit Santa Claus Village, where you can meet the big jolly fellow himself, along with his ever-helpful elves and enjoy an exciting underground amusement area called Santapark.

Lapland trips also offer the chance to see some absolutely breathtaking scenery, especially on thrilling snowmobile safaris or on dog sledding trips, the like of which you would usually only see on the front of Christmas cards.

Be Awe-Struck by the Awesome Aurora!


In the winter months perpetual darkness falls over Lapland for days at a time during the Kaamos, or ‘Polar night’, as the Sun hovers just below the horizon even in the middle of the day. However, these extended periods of darkness offer fantastic opportunities to enjoy the fabulous natural light shows of the aurora, or northern lights as they are commonly known. The incredible green and red displays in the night time sky are one of the highlights of Lapland holidays.

The best time to book cheap breaks in Lapland, if you really want to see the most vivid aurora, is between September and October or March and April, although they do also occur on clear nights during the winter months and around Christmas. Lapland deals from Holiday Hypermarket are a great way to witness this amazing natural phenomenon at a bargain price

Enjoy Exciting Day Trips to Lapland

There is in fact more than one country encompassed by the area known as Lapland, which has traditionally been occupied by the Sami people. Lapland, Finland is actually just one geographical province of the Sápmi area of the Sami people, which stretches across the northernmost regions of Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia. The formerly nomadic occupants of this sometimes inhospitable region have learned to live-off and tame the land, and many Sami people live and work in Finnish Lapland.

Travel arrangements for Lapland day trips typically involve flying to the Airport just outside the city of Rovaniemi. The city is also the main terminus of most trains from the south. Lapland Flights are available from a number of local and regional Airports in the UK, so there is every opportunity to find cheap Flights to Lapland from an Airport near you. Lapland Hotels are available for longer 3 or 4 night stays in Lapland, as well as log cabins and lodges.

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