Hetta Holidays 2024/2025

The region that lies furthest north in Finland, Lapland is famous for its wonderful snowy landscapes and largely untouched wilderness. It’s full of magic for children, as Santa Claus is known for making an appearance here when he’s not out delivering presents on the most special day of the year. Holidays to Lapland aren’t just a dream come true for little ones though, as there’s plenty to enchant everyone in this magical part of Finland. Escape to what feels like another world with a holiday to Hetta. This charming village is the perfect introduction to what beautiful Lapland is all about.

Hetta Holiday Deals

A wild wonderland

Hetta is a secret treasure, tucked away in Finland’s northernmost region of Lapland. Picture a beautiful village in a winter setting, like one you’d find on a festive card, and pretty houses topped with a thick layer of frost.

The main features in Hetta are the surrounding forests, picturesque mountains and huge lakes, with the colourful roofs of wooden huts hidden by crisp white snow. Your feet will crunch with every step and you’ll leave footprints behind you as you walk through the cabin-lined lanes. These stunning log-cabin villages are particularly pretty and many are available as holiday lodgings.

Hetta, Lapland, holidays will give you the opportunity to learn more about the people and customs of this region. Enjoy a traditional Lappish ceremony inside a tepee-style hut, known as a Kota, or visit the church and museum to learn about the way of life. As the village hasn’t been commercialised or affected by outside influences from other countries, there’s a lovely traditional look and homely feel everywhere you go.

Let it snow

Being in such a remote part of the world, it’s hard to imagine much happening in Hetta, but the reality is a pleasant surprise. With so much snow all around you, Hetta holidays are the perfect chance to turn these frosty landscapes into an exciting playground.

Many visitors are drawn to the wide variety of winter sports on offer here, with snowmobile safaris being particularly popular. Zip across the frozen landscapes, riding pillion or driving the vehicles yourself, and marvel at the stunning scenery. You can go cross-country skiing if you’re brave and experienced enough, as there are plenty of tracks to use nearby.

You can also discover the area in a variety of other ways, such as a reindeer sleigh ride through the snow, or by a husky-pulled sled. These kinds of activities create the most unforgettable memories that you’ll treasure for many years to come.

Meet Santa

If you’re lucky, you’ll meet the man himself during holidays to Hetta, Lapland. While it’s not his official home, he’s often spotted here spreading joy (and presents). Children will be so excited to meet him and give him their gift requests, hoping to make it onto the nice list. If they’ve been very good, they might even get a present from him right there and then.

The children can also enjoy spending time decorating festive cookies with the elves as they take a break from making all those toys. The elves might even put in a good word for them to Santa!

The magical Northern Lights

With Lapland being so far north, your chances of spotting the enchanting Northern Lights are good. To increase the likelihood even more, head out on a clear night between around 9:30pm and 11pm. Make sure you wrap up warm for what should be a magical and memorable night as you catch the dazzling solar display.

Getting to experience what is one of the most famous natural phenomena in the world is surely the ultimate icing on the (Christmas) cake with Hetta holidays. Locals sometimes say that, if you see the magnificent spectacle, you’ll be happy for the rest of your life.

For families hoping for an unforgettable experience or couples looking for the perfect romantic escape, holidays to Hetta in Lapland are a dream come true. You can get away from it all when you stay in this little village, hidden away in the soft, snowy landscape of Lapland. Enjoy winter sports by day, watch the Northern Lights by night and enjoy the cosy evenings in between, snuggled up with loved ones as you soak up the special atmosphere.


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