Levi Holidays 2024/2025

Lapland’s liveliest resort, Levi is an idyllic, winter holiday destination. Famous for its slopes and immense scene of winter wonderland activities, whisk away during its spectacular sub-zero season for an unforgettable snowy experience.

Levi Holiday Deals

Festive fun for all

Tucked up high in Finland’s northern fells, 150km above the line of the Arctic Circle, Levi may be remote yet it draws in around 700,000 visitors each year- being particularly popular during the winter for all things festive.

Its northerly location means snowfalls are almost guaranteed during its winter season running from October right the way through to mid-May. This is the best time to enjoy its breath-taking scenery- think snow-capped trees, glistening frozen lakes and pink Arctic sunsets.

Surprisingly accessible, international airport Kittilä is located just 15 minutes away. As you step off onto the runway be prepared for frosty temperatures, sometimes known to fall as low as -50 degrees. You can also expect the freshest air, literally- according to the World Health Organisation the Levi area has some of the purest air in the inhabited world.

Nature's most spectacular light show

Being located within the Arctic Circle, Levi is lucky enough to witness an average of 111 sightings of the Northern Lights each year. With darkness falling so early in the winter season, the colour changing lights can often be seen dancing across the skies above the resort.

A number of specialist tours chase this natural phenomenon. For a once-in-a-lifetime experience, try a night-time snowmobile which takes you away from the village’s street lamps to catch a glimpse of the northern sky in all of its glory.

The home of Father Christmas

With Lapland being home to the one and only Father Christmas, a trip through the Lappish countryside from Levi to the magical Santa Clause Village is definitely in order for the ultimate family Christmas holiday.

Little ones can help the elves make gifts before meeting Santa Claus himself to share their Christmas wishes. Whilst the adults finish off their Christmas shopping in the festive souvenir shops. The locally produced hand-made soaps and jewellery can make great stocking fillers.

Finnish up with a feast

With sub-zero temperatures you’ll need something to warm you up after a fun-filled day out in the snow. Take your pick from the assortment of restaurants dotted around Levi’s slopes and village, serving everything from hearty warm stew to grilled fresh fish. You can even wine and dine in a glass top igloo on top of the fell itself.

The land that invented winter isn’t just good for its snowy sports- it also has its own impressive cuisine. Food lovers can immerse in the Lappish culture with local delicacies including reindeer, moose and bear meat!


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