Articles about Lapland

Planning a trip to Lapland? Take a look at our articles for information about this snow-centric destination, including guides to Christmas traditions in Finland and the cuisine of Lapland. Our informative articles feature all you need to know about this winter wonderland, from how to see the northern lights to a breakdown of the snow sports and national parks available to you during your stay.

How to see the Northern Lights in Lapland

Lapland holidays are packed with interesting activities from meeting the elves at the official Santa Claus Village to spotting stunning wildlife including lynx, bears and wolverines, or skiing past dramatic landscapes of snow and ice. But for many visitors, one of the biggest thrills is the possibility of viewing a spectacular natural phenomenon – the Northern Lights.

A guide to the cuisine of Lapland

When you’re visiting Lapland, you’re going to be impressed with the down to earth mannerisms of the people, and that’s a characteristic that carries over into the way they eat and drink. Although Lapp cuisine takes its cues in many ways from the Scandinavian nations that share this special part of the world, there’s an iconic flavour and distinctive appeal to the meals that they enjoy here.

Snowsports in Lapland

There are few places more fitting than Lapland to indulge in some time on the piste or to blaze your trail down the slopes. Snowsports are a massively popular pastime here, and whether you’re a savvy snowboarder or a first timer to skiing, a wealth of choices are open to you.

Christmas traditions in Lapland and Finland

Heading out to Lapland for your Christmas holidays means you can immerse yourself and your family in snow, Santa and sledding. But you may not know some of the more niche ways that people in Lapland and Finland celebrate the festive season. You might like to join in on a few of the traditions to add some extra quirk to your trip – Christmas Eve sauna anyone?

Fun facts about Lapland

Stashed up in the Arctic Circle and often covered in snow, Lapland isn’t always on everyone’s holiday radar. And we don’t necessarily blame you – this winter wonderland is more than a little mysterious. But it only takes a little peek through the icy curtains and you’re bound to fall head over boots for Finland’s northernmost region.

Wildlife in Lapland

With Lapland’s frosty conditions, it’s difficult to fathom just what animal species could survive here. And yet, nature somehow manages to carry on. Lapland is actually home to a number of cold-loving animals, including Arctic foxes, rare lynxes and of course, whole herds of reindeer.