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Top tips for planning a group holiday

Top tips for planning a group holiday

Shorter trips could be the best idea

If you’ve never been away on a group holiday before, they can sometimes be more challenging than you may think so starting small could be a good idea. A long weekend or five days in the sunshine could be an ideal time frame for a fun getaway together, without risking getting under each other’s feet! However if you do want to stretch it out for longer, a full week in the sun is more than doable.

Designate a few people to be in charge of the planning

There’s a saying of too many cooks spoil the broth, we think this can be applied here! It can be stressful trying to organise a lot of people but even more so when there’s no clear direction. It’s always best to nominate a few members of the group to take the lead. Allow them to narrow down a selection of hotels in your destination of choice, perhaps in a few different resorts and feed them back to the group for a vote.

Let them take control of the booking, manage payments and book those all important airport transfers too! This way nothing gets confusing and you all know who to go to for answers. We all know each friendship group tends to have a mum and dad of sorts, so if you’re one of the kids just sit back and relax and maybe buy the organsiers a drink to say thanks once you’re through security!

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Don’t be afraid to talk money and set budgets

Money can always be a bit of a taboo subject, however when agreeing to go on group holiday together a budget is completely essential. You don’t want to only be browsing five star luxury and having some of the group worrying over having to say no, or pulling out of the plans all together.

It’s a good idea to first work out how much everyone is willing to spend for the actual holiday. – Do a quick poll on your group chat and go from there. You should also think about how you’ll manage money once you’re away, whether everyone wants to always pay for themselves or if you’ll put into a big kitty to cover meals out and drink rounds. You can always divide anything remaining back between the group once you return home.

Discuss your itinerary before travel

It might be a good idea to decide what kind of holiday you’re all wishing for. If most of you are up for partying all night and sleeping by the pool all day, but the odd one wishes to get out and about to see the sights, you might find some of you are unhappy with the holiday. If everyone understands the type of holiday this is set out to be before hand, they can make a decision on if it is right for them.

You may end up with a mix of sightseers and party goers which means you can happily break away and fulfill all holiday goals! Also your budget discussions may highlight that some of the group is on a tighter one than others, so allow them to say no to trips without this spoiling your enjoyment of going.

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Make sure everyone has all required information

The planners of your group may have organised everything amazingly well but make sure they pass down the important information. Things like:

  • Flight details
  • How you are all getting to the airport
  • Pick up times
  • Future payment dates and amounts needed
  • Your luggage allowance

If any of the group love a spreadsheet, a shared google sheet can be a great place to capture all of this information! It keeps everything organised for the planners and allows anyone within the group to log in at any time to find out how much they still owe, or to double check any important information they may have forgot.

Remember the full group doesn’t have to do everything

During your itinerary discussions you may come to the realisation that you all like to do different things when on holiday. Although the idea of a group holiday means lots of fun times making memories together, it’s good to have the understanding that you all don’t need to do everything.

Whilst some of you spend days by the pool or at the beach, others could go to see some sights, have fun at the Water Park or even do a spot of shopping. It can be good to get some space and have each person seek their own enjoyment before meeting back up on an evening for a nice meal! This also keeps those with varying budgets happy too, if some of you would rather not pay for one thing, they can go and do another.

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Making the booking

Sometimes making a booking for a large group online can be difficult. However when booking with Holiday Hypermarket, our website will allow you to make a booking for up to nine people across three rooms. If you need to make a booking for more than this, do not worry! All you need to do is give our friendly travel advisers a call on 0800 916 5189 and they’ll be happy to help you get booked and organised.

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