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7 Reasons Why We Love Cape Verde

Cape Verde

What is Cape Verde like? Well, if it helps, we love it. Want to know why? Then here are some of the reasons Cape Verde holidays hold a special place in our hearts.

1. Location

cape verde location

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, adjacent to the coastline of Senegal, Cape Verde is a popular destination for those looking for something a little bit different to the usual island getaways. The flight duration isn’t too long either, with a flight time of just over six hours from London.

2. Climate

Cape Verde weather

Cape Verde’s location means the weather is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to travel long haul for some winter sun. It’s a great alternative if you want to try somewhere different to popular mid-haul destinations such as the Canary Islands and Egypt.

With an average temperature of 21° c – 29°c and a breeze that helps keep the humidity levels down, it’s easy to see why those ‘in the know’ choose to return to Cape Verde year after year.

3. Resorts

Cape Verde is a country made up of 10 islands. A trip to Sal or Boa Vista, which are the two largest resort islands, offer guests the chance to take advantage of some great value Cape Verde holiday packages.


Street in Sal

Sal belongs to the northern group of islands. The main town here is Santa Maria, which is an extremely colourful place with market stalls, surf shops and restaurants. This island is the most developed in terms of tourism, so it is a great pick if you don’t want to be too secluded.

A good choice of accommodation is the Melia Dunas Resort, a first-class hotel with a great pool scene and a choice of restaurants. The staff here are amazing and will cater to your every need from the moment you arrive. For children there is a water park, while adults can take full advantage of the spa for the ultimate in holiday relaxation.

Boa Vista

santa isabel, sal rei

Boa Vista is the most easterly of the islands and is known for its sea turtles and traditional music. If you love shopping we suggest you head to Sal Rei, where you’ll find all sorts of goods sold by African traders, from rugs to wood carvings – it’s a souvenir hunters treasure trove, especially if you like traditional arts and crafts. While your there, don’t forget to walk around the harbour and boatyard.

A top choice for accommodation in Boa Vista is the Hotel Riu Touareg, a fantastic hotel with an excellent range of facilities, and with its very own Riuland Kids Club, it’s great for families too.

4. Things to do

Pico Do Fogo

This is the highest peak in Cape Verde, and lies on the island of Fogo. A day trip here will begin with a small flight followed by a drive up the volcano. There are plenty of souvenirs on offer here if you want a small keepsake, or if you’re looking for a gift for friends or family back home.

Sea Turtle Sailing Catamarans

Sunbathe on deck while you sail from island to island, and if you’re feeling brave go for a swim or snorkel with the turtles. This is an extraordinary experience as you will be able to get up close and personal with these most beautiful of sea creatures, if you’re lucky enough to spot them of course! Drinks are also included and the trip lasts around three hours.


wind surfing cape verde

Cape Verde is a brilliant destination for anyone who loves windsurfing. Sal and Boa Vista both have excellent conditions for wind and kite surfing due to the breeze that comes off the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in some amazing waves.
Cape Verde is generally a hotel based holiday, but there are still plenty of trips on offer, which provide everything from water sports to scenic walks, and getting friendly with the locals with a bit of sea fishing.

5. The People

Fisherman Cape Verde

The people of Cape Verde are known for being friendly and helpful. Want to mingle with them? Then head towards the harbour as fishing is a prime occupation here, so you’ll find plenty of locals gathered around here as it is a big part of their social scene.

6. Food and Drink

grilled lobster

Some traditional Cape Verdean dishes are –

Cachupa – this is a stew made with beans and fish or meat.
Exotic fruits – goiabas, zimbrão, tambarinas, marmelos, azedinhas, tamaras and cocos.
Doce de Papaya – Papaya jelly
Every type of fish – lobster, tuna, and octopus are among the most popular
Pastels – A traditional West African dish a bit like a samosa, which contains fish stuffing and is often served with a spicy tomato sauce.

The local drinks are worth trying too.

Grogue This local drink is made from sugar cane.

Fogo wine This is a medium dry red wine

7. Beaches

cape verde beach

Any beach lover will be in paradise here as Cape Verde is known for its golden stretches of sand. Ideal for water sports with its diving spots and sailing, Cape Verde is often described as the Caribbean of Africa because of its stunning beaches.

Now you know why we love Cape Verde, so it’s about time you visit Cape Verde for yourself, and tell us why you love it too. Have a fantastic trip!