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Planning a trip to Cape Verde? Browse our articles for information about Cape Verde, including guides to the islands, animals and festivals of this volcanic archipelago. From learning about the music of Cape Verde to explaining what grogue is, our articles feature all need to know for your Cape Verde holiday.

Everything you need to know about Cape Verde visas

With year round sunshine and stunning beaches it’s easy to see why the Cape Verde Islands have grown in popularity over the last couple of years. A relative newcomer on the holiday scene, Cape Verde is often referred to as the African version of the Caribbean, so it’s no wonder so many people are keen to visit.

Cape Verde Animals – A Nature-lover's Dream

The small cluster of Cape Verde islands is home to a fascinating mixture of wildlife, with rare species of reptile, bird and sea-based life occupying its volcanic landscape. The range of wildlife here varies depending on the time of year you visit, but overall the islands play host to some of Africa’s most beautiful creatures.

Cape Verde Festivals

Cape Verde can boast many similarities to the Caribbean – pristine sandy beaches, sapphire-coloured sea and a love of festivals and giant outdoor parties.

Cape Verde Island Hopping

Made up of 10 small volcanic islands, Cape Verde is the destination of choice for sun-seekers and watersports’ enthusiasts alike. With all-day sunshine even in winter months, the weather is perfect for exploring beautiful scenery and fascinating historical sites, no matter when you plan to travel.

Cave diving in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a perfect destination for the adventurous and curious spirit, and cave diving here means you can fulfil your desire for both thrills and new experiences.Over the thousands of years since it was first laid down as molten rock, the lava from erupting volcanoes has cooled and formed itself into extraordinary structures and habitats in Cape Verde. You can explore the fascinating underwater environment and its inhabitants from both Boa Vista and Sal.

Extreme sports in Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known not just for its glorious, year-round summertime, but its array of adrenaline-heavy sports made that much better by the sunshine and warm water. As temperatures dip in winter and spring in the United Kingdom, the winds pick up on the Cape Verde islands, making it one of the top places in the world to go surfing. Fans of extreme sports have been known to migrate here permanently because of the excellent, and reliable, conditions.

The mountains of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is known for having some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world – and with them, a fantastic array of hiking trails. The 10 islands that make up this country have over 20 mountain ranges between them, which is a huge draw if you’re a visiting hiking or nature enthusiast.

The music of Cape Verde

Just 500 kilometres off the coast of Senegal is Cape Verde, a cluster of 10 islands that are quickly making a name for themselves on the travel circuit and have an interesting blend of musical traditions. Whichever island you choose to visit in Cape Verde, one thing is true of all of them – they are blessed with a distinct mix of cultures. This means that everything about the place is a mishmash of African, Portuguese and Brazilian influences, especially the music.

What is Grogue?

In England you may very well have heard ‘grog’ used to mean any one of a range of alcoholic drinks. Originally made from rum and water, English grog is now used as a non-specific throwaway word like ‘tipple’. What you probably didn’t know is that in Cape Verde, there is a very specific and well-loved drink called grogue, which has become a stylish favourite for visitors to the isles of the area. This could well be the origin of our word grog.