All Inclusive Holidays to the Cape Verde Islands

With modern and stylish beachfront hotels, natural beauty in abundance and delicious cuisine, the Cape Verde Islands provide an indulgent and memorable All Inclusive escape. With the promise of watersports, sightseeing and an enviable sun tan All Inclusive holidays to Cape Verde are one to remember.

Cape Verde Islands All Inclusive Holidays

Cape Verde All Inclusive holidays are in a league of their own

Land in the Cape Verde Islands in just under six hours and get ready to soak up the sunshine whatever time of year it is.

Located off the African coast, average Cape Verde temperatures are around 27°C in August. Mild winters hover at around 23°C, making the Cape Verde Islands popular all year round.

The resorts here are well geared-up for fantastic All Inclusive holidays, with the island of Boa Vista boasting an extensive coastline dotted with luxury resorts. Sal is a colourful island, which has charm in abundance due to its exciting blend of cultural influences. The fusion of African, Brazilian and Portuguese tradition is reflected in the buildings and cuisine.

All Inclusive hotels in Cape Verde are the cherry on top with most hotel restaurants offering a choice of the distinctive local cuisine, as well as international dishes to cover all tastes. Plus, many hotels allow you to make the most of the water through complimentary non-motorised water sports – the colourful marine life is ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving.

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Exploring the Cape Verde Islands

There’s plenty to get out and explore on holiday in Cape Verde, even when you’re on an All Inclusive package. Different All Inclusive hotels will have different meal times so it’s important to take note of yours and then you can either plan trips around these, or choose to buy your own lunch for a day – whatever suits you.

Boa Vista’s main town, Sal Rei, is the place for souvenir shopping, with stalls and shops selling traditional crafts and colourful batiks.

If you fancy heading out after dinner to enjoy some nightlife, the Santa Maria beachfront, on the southern side of Sal, is great for evenings out, with relaxed bars serving cocktails and playing traditional Portuguese and Brazilian music.

The islands boast an array of marine and wildlife, and many of the beaches play host to the endangered loggerhead turtles, who flock to the shores in June to lay their eggs, hatching around August. Reputable tours are a great way to enjoy this incredible natural phenomena without harming these gentle creatures.

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The golden beaches of Cape Verde

The choice of Cape Verde beaches is varied for all kinds of beach goers so you’ve just got to find the right spot for you. Most All Inclusive Cape Verde hotels are situated on or right by an idyllic beach so you can still enjoy the All Inclusive benefits of your hotel just an arm’s length from your sandy sunbathing spot.

For clear seas and rolling dunes Praia do Estoril is a popular choice, and it’s close to Praia do Rabil, which plays host to intriguing birdlife. Alternatively, Santa Monica, in the south-western area of Boa Vista, is a peaceful spot for rest and relaxation.

On Sal, Praia de Santa Maria is a real beauty with long stretches of sand and rolling surf. For seclusion Ponta Preta is hard to beat, although it still has a small beach bar and souvenir shop.

Shark Bay, or Kite Beach as it’s also known, is popular with watersports enthusiasts, particularly the namesake kite surfers.

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Frequently asked questions about Cape Verde All Inclusive holidays

All Inclusive holidays to Cape Verde will include flights, transfers, and your accommodation. Your hotel will usually offer buffet meals three times a day, locally produced drinks, entertainment and a variety of sporting activities. All Inclusive hotels can vary so be sure to check the hotel information.

Once you step off the plane your Cape Verde All Inclusive holiday begins! This means that there shouldn’t be a reason to put your hand in your pocket once – unless it’s to indulge in speciality dining or a spa treatment. Not having to worry about daily budgets or converting money will make a huge difference to your ability to relax and unwind on holiday – that’s what holidays are all about anyway, right?

Most Cape Verde hotels offer complimentary non-motorised watersports, with scuba diving sometimes available for an additional cost, so you can get that adrenaline pumping without spending a penny.