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5 Reasons Why Ibiza is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Even the names of Spain’s Balearic Islands evoke romance – Mallorca, Menorca, and Ibiza. But while Mallorcan and Menorcan holidays are well known for their natural beauty and culture, Ibiza has been labelled as the hard partying destination of the Mediterranean. We’re not so sure this is totally fair—there are many reasons to visit this scenic stretch of sun and sand beyond simply drink and dancing. Here are our top ten reasons to consider a honeymoon holiday to Ibiza, an island of laid-back cool, when you’re planning your honeymoon.

 1. Beaches

The beaches had to be number 1 – after all, with miles of pristine white sand ringing this gorgeous island, there’s no way to escape the constant siren song of the seaside. What better way to celebrate your wedding that with a Champagne toast than while looking at one of Ibiza’s famous sunsets?

Plenty of beaches here rival the best anywhere else in the world. Take Formentera, for example, a small island only a half-hour ferry ride off Ibiza: this secluded, quiet spot has no airport, so your blissful lie-out in the sun will be uninterrupted by bustle and traffic. Spread your towel out on the sand, and you’ll feel as though you were transported to the Caribbean, but with a much shorter flight!

2. Ibicencan cuisine

Spanish food is beloved around the world, and for good reason—paella, tapas, sopressata? Come on. Add a glass or two of Cava and before long the food will be doing all the romancing! Specifically, Ibiza is known for hierbas, an anise-based liquor typical of the island, as well as meals composed of fresh seafood, including local specialties denton, sirvia, and dorada. Relax into the local way of life and enjoy your seafood simply cooked, sautéed with fresh oils or baked in salt.

Plus, enjoy the international influence brought by Ibiza’s many foreign travellers—the island is a fabulous place to find delicate pan-Asian, robust Italian, and spicy Mexican cuisines. There’s something for everyone here—so after your wedding buffet, you can wake up your taste buds with a few days spent exploring the exciting restaurants of the island.

3. Places to stay

Ibiza has a wide range of unique places to stay; ideal for honeymooners who need somewhere to relax that speaks to their style. After the excitement of the wedding, you may feel the need to hide out in a rural agriturismo, away from Ibiza’s energetic nightlife. Or, you may be perfectly content to let the staff of a glamorous beachfront resort take good care of you.

Our top pick for a country mouse would be Casa Vilda Marge, a working farm on the island’s northern coast. If you’re looking for pure pampering, Can Carreu offers a getaway with a full-service spa, in the heart of rural Ibiza. For a party pair, we have to recommend La Torre del Canonigo, a hotel in Ibiza town built on the site of 14th-century tower atop Roman ruins—the ultimate in romance, at a great location for enjoying the city’s clubs.

 4. Laid back culture

A heavy hippie influence on the island over the years, mixed with a Bohemian traveller vibe, has made Ibiza one of the best places for major celebrations. There is nothing as lovely as knowing you can wander barefoot out of your hotel, stroll down to the water or the local beachfront bar, and relax—whether you’re wearing a wedding gown or shorts and a t-shirt.

5. A great mix of things to do

You’ll want a honeymoon as unique as your relationship, which is why we love Ibiza so much. You can find natural beauty around every corner, whether you’re after beaches, farmland, or trails, making this a destination to suit anyone who loves getting outdoors. You can also enjoy a wide variety of sporting options on the island, including watersports such as snorkelling, diving, and boating, but there are also options for equestrians, hikers, and more. Plus, there’s always Ibiza’s legendary party scene. The clubs are world-renowned for a reason—you’ll never find yourself wondering what to do with your evening.

Ibiza is a honeymooner’s dream—romantic scenery, delicious food, and an entire island seemingly devoted to relaxation and good times. There is no better place to enjoy quality time with someone you love, and there’s no better way to make a memorable holiday with them than with a warm Spanish welcome!

Spend your honeymoon on the gorgeous island of Ibiza.





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