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Calis Beach

Calis Beach Holidays

Resting along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Calis Beach holidays provide families and couples with activity filled days and peaceful nights.

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Coastal gem

Found along the coast by the larger town of Fethiye, Calis Beach is the favourite spot on the coast that tourists crave. While visitors travel from miles around to enjoy the sands of this resort, you can choose to stay in idyllic beachside hotels with the sea right on your doorstep.

The proximity to Fethiye comes in handy for shopping opportunities as well as presenting a wider range of dining venues. It is a short drive to several historical sites nearby giving you the chance to explore deserted towns that are now in ruins.

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  • GMT +2

Large beach space

Calis Beach spreads along the Turquoise Coast for 4km and there is plenty of room across the part sandy party shingled beach. If there is no more space to lay down your towel on the soft sand then there are plenty of sunbeds available to rent on top of the pebbles.

The beach is backed by plenty of restaurants and cafes so you can refresh yourself with a drink or a snack during the hot days. Kids will also want to cool off at the nearby waterpark just behind the beach. Pay once and you can swap between the sands and the slides all day long.

For a more secluded, less touristy area you can walk for 20 minutes to Calis Koca. This 5km stretch of sand was used as a shooting location for the Bond film Skyfall.

Ride and dive

Days spent at Calis Beach can provide fun in the water too with plenty of opportunities to dive in. The water is ripe for snorkelling or you can rent equipment from the diving centres to go scuba diving. There are surf schools and equipment centres that can get you active on the waves too with a variety of water sports. The beach faces west so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset every single evening.

Surrounding Calis Beach and the Fethiye area there are several historical areas to discover. This includes the stone ghost town of Kayakoy, the hilltop ruins of Tlos and the rock tombs of Pinara.

Families can find some great activities to enjoy together with go-karting, the aforementioned waterpark of Aqua City and a couple of adventure tours to try out.

Fethiye’s exciting nights

By night Calis Beach presents a pleasant selection of seafront venues where you can dine and lounge in a restaurant or enjoy a cocktail and calming tunes in a music bar.

The centre of Fethiye is livelier than the coastal areas and you're likely to find a mix of traditional Turkish entertainment and British performers here. There are also some lively nightspots found along the coast of this town where the music plays and the drinks flow until as late as 5am.

Daily and weekly markets

You'll find some convenience and gift shops around Calis Beach but Fethiye is the best place to go if you're looking for a Turkish keepsake to take home with you.

Though just 3km away on land, you can take a 30 minute scenic riverboat taxi from Calis Beach to Fethiye Harbour. After you arrive at the busy shopping area, you'll find several local shops that sell typically Turkish items. There are also daily and weekly markets to browse where you'll find a mixture of local foods and fake designer goods.

Sunset dining

Right along the seafront and through to the centre of Fethiye, you'll find an array of cafes and restaurants. There is bound to be a venue to suit everyone's tastes as well as the bill payer's pocket.

Time it right and you can enjoy your dinner with the daily show of the beautiful sunset dropping into the ocean. Most international cuisines can be found along the water front with British, French, Italian, Mediterranean and Turkish dishes all served in open air restaurants.

Renting vehicles and Dolmus busses

It will take around 45 minutes to reach Calis Beach from Dalaman Airport.

It is only a couple of kilometres between Calis Beach and Fethiye so you can walk the distance but you can also grab taxis and local Dolmus busses.

Cars, scooters and bicycles can all be rented by those who want to move around freely. It is one of the easiest ways to see the surrounding historic sites on your own time.

Best time of year to visit

The sea breeze blowing into Calis Beach is welcomed during the hot summers experienced here. Highs of 34C are seen during July and August and the average highs stay above 20C from April until early November.

You can join in with local celebrations during the early parts of summer (before it gets too hot) when the Calis Carnival comes to town. This festival features parades, live music and delicious food all out on the street with both locals and tourists invited to enjoy the annual occasion.