Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Top 10 Things To Do In Cancun

Cancun has it all! From being the party capital of Mexico to having world-famous beaches and family-friendly waterparks, it offers the ultimate holiday experience for all kinds of travellers. If you’re planning a sunny getaway to Cancun, take a look through our top 10 activities and make sure your holiday is one to remember…

1. Soak Up Culture in Downtown Cancun

There’s so much to do in Downtown Cancun, and it gives you a real taste of the marvellous Mexican culture. One minute you could find yourself tucking into tacos or tequila tasting, and the next you might even come across a Mexican wrestling show! You can browse small, local shops (perfect for holiday souvenirs!) and take a stroll around the beautiful Parque Las Palapas. Here, you’ll often find plenty of locals, street food vendors and live music to make your day extra special.

2. Explore The Stunning Cenotes

The Riviera Maya is scattered with beautiful cenotes of all shapes and sizes. You can hike to these and even swim in them! Floating in these pools feels like escaping to another world, with underground rivers and ice blue waters that shimmer in the sunlight. The limestone lagoons and intricate caves make for a truly magical setting, so be sure to take your camera along on your trip. You won’t want to miss a photo opportunity as good as this one!

3. Visit The Chichen Itza Maya Ruins

Mexico has a fascinating history, as you’ll see when you visit the Mayan ruins dotted across the country. The Chichen Itza is one of the most famous, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The ancient pyramids are stunning and date back to the 5th century! The Temple of Kukulkan is perhaps the most impressive of all the structures, standing at 98 feet tall with nine terraces symbolising the Mayans’ belief that heaven has nine levels.

The Chichen Itza Maya Ruins aren’t in Cancun itself, but are certainly worth taking a day trip to visit. You can reach the site by car, which takes around two and a half hours from Cancun, or by bus, which will take around three hours.

4. Experience Zip-Lining Through The Jungle

What better way to experience the vast, luscious Mexican jungle than to soar through it on a zip-line through the treetops?! You’ll feel as free as a bird and have the time of your life. There are various aerial excursions you can choose from close to Cancun, and they’re the perfect way to inject some adrenaline into your holiday. You could even combine your zip-lining adventure with other excursions such as quad biking or river rafting!

5. Grab Your Flippers and Go Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Mexico is absolutely fabulous. You can expect to see all kinds of weird and wonderful sea life off the shores of Cancun, from manta rays and starfish to whale sharks and sea turtles. It’s one of the most eye-opening activities in Cancun and makes for an experience you’ll never forget! Don’t worry if you’re not a confident diver – there’s plenty to explore under the sea for people with all diving abilities, and full training to be had.

6. Party The Night Away at Coco Bongo

The party animals among you certainly won’t be disappointed with a night out on the Cancun strip! It’s known globally for its vibrant nightlife and outstanding clubs. One of our favourites is the iconic Coco Bongo. It’s more than just a nightclub – it has all kinds of entertainment, including talented acrobats, world-famous DJs and live music galore. With plenty of drinks to choose from and a diverse line-up of events planned at any given time, it’s the perfect place to dance the night away. There’s no wonder it’s the most popular club in Cancun!

7. Go Market Shopping At Mercado 28

Every holiday needs a little retail therapy. When you’re visiting Cancun, there’s no end to the fabulous places to shop. One of the best spots to browse is at Mercado 28. It’s a maze of colourful, authentic market stalls selling all kinds of goods, from beautiful textiles to handmade ornaments. In true market fashion, you can bag yourself a bargain by making one of the hundreds of stall owners an offer they can’t refuse. If there’s ever a time to treat yourself, it’s when you’re on your holidays!

8. Enjoy A Traditional Mexican Fiesta

You can enjoy a traditional Mexican experience with an exciting twist at Xoximilco, where you climb aboard a colourful gondola for a floating fiesta! It’s endless fun, with different types of fun to be had for different kinds of groups. Families, couples and singles alike can enjoy lively Mexican music, exciting games, upbeat dancing and delicious food on this unique journey through Cancun. Each gondola has a friendly, enthusiastic host who will make sure it’s a joyous occasion for all on-board. It’s an experience unlike any other!

9. Spot Sea Turtles On The Coast

The incredible beaches in Cancun aren’t just perfect for lazy days in the sun – they’re home to some adorable sea turtles too! Depending on what time of year you visit, you may be able to see the baby turtles hatching and making their big journey from the sand to the sea. You might spot turtles in the wild, but there are various conservation centres you can visit to learn a bit more about them as well. It’s always good to see how people are working to help keep this endangered species safe. This activity in particular is a must for animal lovers!

10. Try Out A Range Of Water Sports

There are plenty of awesome water sports to try out on the cool coast of Cancun. As well as holiday favourites such as jet skiing, speedboat sailing and paragliding, you can try out the likes of water jetpacks and surf lessons. The waters in Cancun are perfectly clear, like something you’d expect to see in a catalogue. No matter what kind of water sport you choose to take on, you’re guaranteed bucket-loads of fun in this beautiful part of the world!

Can’t wait to jet off to Cancun? Who could blame you?! It’s the perfect exotic holiday destination, with exciting activities galore for people of all ages. Check out our latest deals to Cancun and prepare for the holiday of your life!

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