Food and drink in Cancun

As one of the premium tourist destinations in the world, holidays to Cancun now mean access to an abundance of excellent restaurants, serving Mexican delicacies plus much more. You’re sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds, no matter what your budget can handle. As a general rule, food in the downtown district is cheaper than in the resort zone and local dishes are less expensive than international favourites.

Exploring Cancun's delicacies

Mexico is best known for its range of filled tortillas such as burritos and tacos, the differences mainly being size. They can come complete with strips of fajita meat, chilli, beans, guacamole, salsa or any number of other fillings. As well as this, you can try some less well known dishes, such as spicy chicken and corn soup, pozole. Or chilaquiles are tortilla chips with refried beans and egg, often eaten for breakfast.

Delicious cuisine in stylish surroundings at Tempo by Martin Berasategui

If you don’t mind spoiling yourself rotten on your Cancun holiday, Tempo is well worth the extra expense. From the warm welcome at your entry to the presentation of every dish – and the ambience in the restaurant – Tempo exceeds expectations at every turn. And the food’s elegance is only outdone by its excellence. You’ll wish your bank balance allowed you to return every night of your stay.

A uniquely creative taste experience at Restaurante Benazuza

If you like to push the boat out when it comes to culinary experiences, Restaurante Benazuza could be perfect for you. There’s no menu to speak of – you’ll simply sit back and marvel as 20 to 25 magnificent dishes are brought for you to sample, paired with a handful of exquisite wines. Food preferences and allergies are taken into consideration in this truly remarkable restaurant.

Immerse yourself in foodie darkness at Black Hole

Black Hole takes the idea of conceptual dining one step further by removing your sense of sight. This restaurant serves up a medley of taste sensations, but in complete darkness, supposedly so your sense of taste is heightened. The only things you’ll see as you sample a wide variety of dishes are the white gloves of your waiter and the light entertainment provided as the backdrop to your meal. It’s for the unadventurous or faint-hearted diner, but many people travel to Cancun just to pay this place a visit.

The best ceviche north of Peru at Lima 1205 Peruvian Cuisine Steak House

Ceviche may be a Peruvian speciality, but it’s certainly taking Mexico by storm and is now incorporated into the local cuisine as one of its firm favourites. This raw seafood dish is cured with lime juice, garnished with diced onions, peppers and tomatoes, and seasoned with sea salt and coriander. Those who prefer their dinner a little more cooked can partake of the perfectly-seared steaks on offer, instead.

Quality Mexican fast-food at The Surfin' Burrito

At the end of the day, Cancun holidays wouldn’t be right without a good old, trusty enchilada. The Surfin’ Burrito is the perfect place to try any of the famous Mexican favourites and highlight the real difference between Taco Bell and tacos bellos. The modest setting – essentially a surf shack with a few tall tables and chairs – only adds to the authenticity of the experience. While the rapidity of the service and the value of the menu make it a highlight of any trip to Cancun.