Puerto Morelos Holidays 2024/2025

Holidays in Puerto Morelos – a secluded town between Playa del Carmen and Cancun – are for you to do with as you please. Bathe in the warm sea and sun, eat your fill of authentic Mexican cuisine (and plenty more besides), unwind and forget about work for a while, catch up on a book, or perhaps do absolutely nothing at all. With the Caribbean waters lapping at your feet and the friendly Mexican atmosphere everywhere you go, you won’t want to think about booking anywhere else.

Puerto Morelos Holiday Deals

Visit the zoo

Croco Cun Zoo in Puerto Morelos is a special place. This is not the traditional kind of zoo with animals in cages and visitors unable to get close. Here, you can enjoy a 60-minute tour where you become the zookeeper, holding or touching many different kinds of animals, including some incredible crocodiles! The aim of the zoo is to show people the true beauty of wild creatures in as natural a way as possible, and it certainly inspires a love of wildlife and an appreciation of the natural world.

Puerto Morelos is also the place where sea turtles come to lay their eggs. If you are there at the right time of year, you’ll see the beautiful reptiles venture out of the sea to lay their eggs on the sandy beach. It’s an extraordinary sight not to be missed.​

Snorkel in paradise

The amazing clear waters that you’ll find on Puerto Morelos holidays are ideal for snorkelling, which is exactly why so many places offer you the chance to do it. Snorkelling is a wonderful way to get to see what is beneath the surface of the sea. It takes little skill and there are often expert guides to show you how to snorkel properly.

In Puerto Morelos, snorkelling will help you unlock a stunning underwater world. You’ll find brightly-coloured fish, an intricate reef system, beautiful coral formations and much more. For a true glimpse into what lies beneath the waves, this is the ideal way to do it.​

Incredible nature

Puerto Morelos Mexico holidays can be many things to many people, but something that everyone will enjoy are the incredible natural wonders that holidays to Mexico can offer. Take the Jardin Botanico, for example. Established in 1982, these are the largest botanical gardens in Mexico. If you want to see some of Mexico’s most interesting flora, this is the place to visit. There is a fascinating Mayan archaeological site there, too.

How about taking a refreshing dip in Cenote La Noria? This water pit has unknown origins, but it is used today as a natural swimming hole and, at 70 metres deep, its clear waters allow you to see almost all the way down.​

Unwind on the beach

Of course, what would Puerto Morelos holidays be without some beach time? Relaxing on any of the incredible beaches in the area (the most famous of which are the Ocean Coral and Turquesa beaches) is a must. Golden sands and a calm, clear sea is all you need to really have a holiday of a lifetime, yet Puerto Morelos offers this and so much more. The area is part of Riviera Maya (a beautiful stretch of Caribbean coastline), so there are many different beaches to choose from.​

Eat food and make food

Mexican food is spicy and full of flavour. When you are on Puerto Morelos holidays, you can sample a wide variety of dishes in so many different restaurants that, by the time you go home, you’ll be a complete expert on the local cuisine.

Something worth doing on Puerto Morelos holidays is joining in with local cookery classes. It means you can learn how to recreate the delicious dishes at home that you’ll have been enjoying on holiday. Not only will you be taught how to make the food, but you’ll discover more about the culture behind each dish and the history that makes up this fascinating country.

Puerto Morelos is Mexico’s jewel – a place where the beaches are like those of the Caribbean, and where nature is guarded for future generations to enjoy. Discover more about Mexico than you ever knew you could, from nature and wildlife to food, history and beyond, and return home with a great appreciation for what Mexico has to offer as a country and as a holiday destination.​


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