A guide to useful phrases in Mauritius

An English and French speaking country, you’ll have no problem getting by in Mauritius. However you might also hear some more unfamiliar languages being spoken by the locals, including Mauritian Creole, French-based Creole, and even Hindi, Urdu and Mandarin. Here are some French phrases to help you get by and earn some brownie points on your Mauritius holidays.

Common French phrases

Hello/Good day – Bonjour (bohn-zhoor)
Hi!/Bye! (informal) – Salut! (sah-loo)
Excuse me – Excusez-moi (ehk-kew-zay mwah)
Please – S’il vous plait (see voo play)
Thank you – Merci (mehr-see)
You’re welcome – De rien (dah ree-ehn)
No problem – Ce n’est pas grave (suh neh pah grahv)
How are you? (informal) – Ça va? (sah vah)
I’m fine – Je vais bien (zhuh vay bee-ahn)
I don’t understand – Je ne comprends pas (zhuh nuh kohn-prahn pah)
Do you speak English? – Parlez-vous Anglais? (pahr-lay voo ahn-leh)
Yes – Oui (wee)
No – Non (nohn)
OK – D’accord (dah-core)
I don’t know – Je ne sais pas (zheh-nuh say pah)
Goodbye – Au revoir (oh-reh-vwar)


Zero – Zero (zay-ro)
One – Un (uhn)
Two – Deux (duh)
Three – Trois (trwah)
Four – Quatre (kahtr)
Five – Cinq (sank)
Six – Six (sees)
Seven – Sept (seht)
Eight – Huit (weet)
Nine – Neuf (nuhf)
Ten – Dix (dees)

Out and about

Do you have… – Avez-vous… (ah-veh voo)
I would like… – Je voudrais… (zhuh voo-dreh)
What is it? – Qu’y a-t-il? (kee ah-teel)
Do you have this in my size? – Avez-vous ceci dans ma taille ? (ah-veh voo say-see dans ma thai)
How much does it cost? – Combien coûte-t-il? (com-byaen coo teel)
Do you accept credit cards? – Acceptez-vous les cartes de credit ? (ahk-sep-tay voo leh kahrt duh kray-dee?)
OK, I’ll take it – D’accord, je le/la prends. (dah-kor zhe luh/lah prahn)
Can I have a bag? – Pourrais-je avoir un sac? (poo-rehzh ah-vwar ung sahk)
Where is…? Où est-ce que se trouve…? (oo escuh suh troov)
One ticket to _____, please – Un billet pour _____, s’il vous plaît (ung bee-yeh poor ____ seel voo pleh)

Eating out

Fixed-price meal – Menu (muh-nuu)
Breakfast – Petit-déjeuner (ptee-day-zheu-nay)
Lunch – Déjeuner (day-zhuh-nay)
Dinner – Dîner (dee-nay)
A bottle, please – Une bouteille, s’il vous plait (uhn boo-tayl, seel-voo-pleh)
A glass of red/white wine, please – Un verre de vin rouge/blanc, s’il vous plait (uhn vehr duh van rooj/blonk, seel-voo-pleh)
A beer/two beers, please – Une bière/deux bières, s’il vous plait (uhn bee-air/duh bee-air, seel-voo-pleh)
Where are the bathrooms? – Ou sont les toilettes? (oo sahn lay twah-leht)
Excuse me, waiter/waitress? – S’il vous plaît, monsieur/madame ? (seell voo pleh muh-syuh/ma-dahm)
I’m finished – J’ai fini (zhay fee-nee)
It was delicious – C’était délicieux. (say-tay deli-syuh)
The bill, please – L’addition s’il vous plait (lah-dee-syohn seel voo play)

Food and Drink terms

May I have some _____? – Puis-je avoir du _____ ? (pwee zhuh ah-vwahr duu)
Chicken – Poulet (poo-leh)
Beef – Boeuf (buff)
Fish – Poisson (pwa-song)
Seafood – Fruits de mer (frwee duh mehr) – Literally ‘fruits of the sea’
Snails – Escargots (es-car-gos)
Frogs – Grenouilles (gruh-nooey)
Ham – Jambon (zhahng-bong)
Pork – Porc (pohr)
Sausage – Saucisses (deh so-seess)
Cheese – Fromage (duu froh-mahzh)
Eggs – Oeufs (dehz uh)
Salad – Salade (uun sah-lahd)
(Fresh) Vegetables – Légumes (frais) (lay-guum freh)
(Fresh) Fruit – Fruits (frais) (frwee (freh))
Bread – Pain (pang)
Coffee – Café (kah-fay)
Tea (drink) – thé (tay)
(Mineral) Water – Eau (oh)
(Tap) Water – Eau du robinet (oh doo roh-bee-neh)
(Sparkling) Water – Eau gazeuse (oh gah-zuhz)
Orange juice – Jus d’orange (joo d’or-ahnj)
Coke – Coca (coca)
Salt – Sel (sel)
Black pepper – Poivre (pwavr)
Garlic – Ail (aigh)
Butter – Beurre (bur)
Vegetarian (male) – Végétarien (vey-zhey-tar-yeng)
Vegetarian (female) – Végétarienne (vey-zhey-tar-yen)