Nightlife in Mauritius

While a fair deal of Mauritius is sleepy as far as nightlife spots go, there are still a number of clubs and bars dotted around the island to make sure you get your after-hours fix. You just have to know where to look.

On the whole

Grand Baie is undoubtedly the nightlife capital of Mauritius.

Located about a 20-minute drive from the town of Grand Gaube, its Royal Road is lined with bars and clubs. In fact the only thing you have to do to find another is keep walking and listen for the music.

What’s more, most of the clubs here have little to no entry fee, so hopping between spots is as easy as it gets. And if you aren’t looking to branch out past the walls of your hotel, many resorts come with bars and nightlife scenes of their own.

Banana Beach Club, Grand Baie

The Banana Beach Club has been the pre-eminent nightlife spot on the island for more than two decades, attracting its fair share of locals and holidaymakers alike. The bar itself is gathered around a massive tree and boasts colourful cocktails, including what it claims to be the best mojito on the island.

On most nights the live music or resident DJ keep things going on the dancefloor. Drinks can be on the pricey side here, but there’s a daily happy hour to help ensure you clock up enough cocktails for your liking.

Kenzi Bar, Flic en Flac

Kenzi Bar might not look like much on the outside, but that’s half the fun. Ramshackle though it may seem, it’s a chilled out local spot with cold beers and cocktails on the menu.

When you think about it, hanging out here is kind of like relaxing in someone’s back garden with your best friends – the atmosphere is that easy-going. The live band strumming out reggae tunes doesn’t hurt the island vibes, either.

Insomnia Nightclub, Grand Baie

This classic party spot is the kind of club you’d expect with a name like Insomnia. Here you can experience a lot of dancing, a lot of cocktails and shots, and a lot of neon lighting.

DJs regularly take to the stage and there are special events happening throughout the week, too. Don’t expect your night to end at 11pm – you can pretty much plan to be here until sunrise or so, as the party is rumoured to really kick in well after midnight.

Lakaz Cascavelle Restaurant & Club, Flic en Flac

The Lakaz Cascavelle Restaurant & Club started as just a restaurant but slowly crept into upscale nightlife territory. Cast in a neon purple glow, the dancefloor and lounge area take you to an open-air deck where the DJ booth isn’t far off.

The club brings in local as well as international DJs spinning unique sounds with each new set. Saturday and Sunday are the main club nights, but Wednesdays are thrown into the mix too, keeping your weekdays interesting.

La Rhumerie de Chamarel, Chamarel

Just a 20-minute drive from Le Morne is a nightlife experience close to Mauritius’ heart. We wouldn’t call it a wild night out, but it’ll get you tasting some of the island’s local flavours. La Rhumerie is a rum distillery tucked out in the hills of Chamarel, making drinks from the sugar cane grown on-site.

It definitely sports swanky vibes, with a cocktail list so long it’ll make your head spin. If you’ve got the time, there’s a short tour through the distillery you can join, but we understand if you just want to head straight for the bar.