Balaclava Holidays 2024/2025

Mauritius has some of the most beautifully breath-taking beaches in the world; it is here that you think of when you imagine sumptuous sands and dazzling blue seas. So it makes sense that Balaclava, located in the north of the country, is one of the best places to choose for a luxury holiday that leaves you feeling like new. The best hotels, the most magical beaches, fantastic attractions and a reputation for being like heaven on earth has turned Balaclava into the must-visit destination for all those who worship the sun.

Balaclava Holiday Deals

Enjoy basking in Balaclava Bay

Balaclava holidays are perfect for people who love the beach, and Balaclava Bay is the best spot in the area for relaxing, sun bathing, swimming, and generally having the most incredible holiday you could ever imagine. Balaclava Bay is made up of many different beaches, some big, some small, some busy, some private, and all beautiful. Take your pick as you wander along the coast. Relax on a lounger, order a cocktail from one of the many beach-side bars, and let your holidays to Mauritius begin in earnest.

When you get tired of lazing on the golden sands, why not take a dip in the gorgeously warm sea? Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try some watersports such as parasailing and jet-skiing. You can snorkel too, and get to know the fish and sea life of the area a little better.

Sail on a glass-bottomed boat

Thanks to the unbelievably clear seas around Balaclava Mauritius, a trip in a glass-bottomed boat is always going to show you some astonishing sights. You might see fish that glow in the dark, diving in and out of the coral, or trumpet fish dashing about. Butterfly fish are absolutely stunning, and the graceful turtles are like nothing you will ever have seen before. Glass-bottomed boats can be hired anywhere along the beach and in the hotels in Balaclava, and it’s a treat you really must indulge in.

Shop 'til you drop

If you love to shop and can’t resist scouring the stores for a bargain, Balaclava holidays are ideal for you. You’re just a stone’s throw (a 20-minute drive) from Port Louis’ massive shopping mall, Le Caudan Waterfront, so you can easily take a break from the beach and enter a world which really does have everything your heart could desire.

There are all the big names including Ralph Lauren and Diesel, but you’ll also find more familiar high-street stores like L’Occitane, for example. On top of that, you’ll discover some wonderful independent shops selling traditional, local crafts, as well as local food and drink. And when you need a rest, there is a well-stocked food court too.

Sing along to a traditional Sega dance show

Sega dance shows are a traditional and exciting part of Balaclava holidays. They can be easily identified, with their bright costumes, the thumping drum accompaniment and singing (done in the poetic Creole language). Everyone gets involved at a Sega dance show, and the audience will find themselves clapping and stamping, perhaps even singing and dancing – you’ll have a great time.

You’ll often find these dancers on the beach, but you might spot them dotted around hotels and in the towns too – it’s all part of a unique holiday experience.

A delicious spread of world foods

Situated where it is, it should come as no surprise that fresh fish and plenty of fruit and vegetables make up a large part of the diet in Mauritius, and Balaclava is certainly no exception. What’s really exciting about the food in this part of the world is that it is usually a fusion of different influences from the French, Indian, Chinese, and African heritage of the country.

Mauritian cuisine is a mixture of many things and that’s what makes it so unique. In Balaclava there are plenty of different restaurants to try but if you don’t want a full meal, there are also beach-side bars selling snacks to see you through the day or night.

Indulge in a spa treatment

When you’re on holiday, the aim is to relax and unwind, to forget the real world and enjoy the moment. What better way to do this that at an utterly delightful beach-side spa? While in Balaclava, listen to the waves crashing on the shore as a holistic therapist treats you to a wonderful massage, facial, or pedicure.

Beautiful. Serene. Tranquil. These are just some of the words that can be used to describe Balaclava. You’ll enjoy a time of relaxation and discovery here – as a holiday destination, nothing else comes close to offering the chance to unwind quite like this place.


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