Flic En Flac Holidays 2024/2025

The pristine postcard worthy sands of Mauritius’ Flic en Flac are calling your name. Situated along the west coast, this region’s small fishing village has slowly transformed into a top holiday destination, thanks to its tropical beach, range of watersports and quiet, relaxing setting.

Flic En Flac Holiday Deals

Paradise beckons

It may seem an unusual name but Flic en Flac is an old Dutch phrase, literally meaning free, flat land. This ‘flat land’ has become a favourite with holiday-goers wanting to experience a true beach getaway. Over the past 200 years Flic en Flac Mauritius has grown from a small fishing village to a quiet holiday retreat, and home to many of Mauritius’ top luxury hotels.

Even though Flic en Flac is still relatively small, it sees around 500,000 visitors yearly thanks to its unbeatable beach setting. Flic en Flac is especially popular with honeymooners and couples looking for that romantic, sunset-filled holiday.

Life's a beach

Flic en Flac boasts a gorgeous kilometre-and-a-half-long beach, lined with classic Mauritius casurina trees and complete with beautiful views over the Indian Ocean. This beach is as white as snow, and its westward facing direction makes it the ideal spot for experiencing Flic en Flac’s beautiful sunset.

The reef sits about a kilometre off shore, creating a protected lagoon, great for joining in with a whole host of activities from swimming and snorkelling to scuba diving. Toilet and shower facilities are available on the beach and there are both picnic and barbecue booths.

If you didn’t bring your own food, street vendors serve dishes all day long, and many walk along Flic en Flac Beach. Or you can visit one of the many restaurants and bars that line the water. On the weekend you’ll often find musicians and dance shows making their way onto the coastline, drawing crowds and encouraging a fun holiday vibe.

Dive in

The coral reefs off Flic en Flac’s beach are every scuba diver’s dream exploration. Flic en Flac has some of Mauritius’ best dive spots, including the Rempart Serpent or Snake Reef, a must-dive for any underwater enthusiasts.

The coral reefs just off the island are full of incredible tropical marine life, and you’re sure to spot plenty of colourful fish, lobsters, sting ray, moray eels and more. Another underwater hotspot is called The Cathedral. It’s a cave found deep underwater, with light peeking through a crack in its ceiling giving it a stained-glass appearance. Both Snake Reef and the Cathedral are great for experienced and beginner divers.

Swim with Dolphins

Mauritius’ waters are home to one of the world’s most loved and intelligent mammals, the dolphin. Flic en Flac offers a wide selection of trips off the west coast for you to come face-to-face with these incredible marine creatures.

Observing dolphins in their natural environment is a humbling experience, as you see them jump and dive through the water, communicate with each other and interact with the boats. Many of these tour boats also offer snorkelling opportunities, where you can get into the warm sea alongside the sleek dolphins. They’ll then serve up a prepared lunch before heading back to the shore.

Sugar, sugar

Stepping away from the beach scene, Flic en Flac is home to one of the island’s largest sugar estates. The Medine Sugar Estate is just six kilometres from Flic en Flac centre and has its own distillery open for guided tours.

The sugar cane cutting season is between July and November, and it’s during this time you can walk through the factory to see how sugar is made. This sugar estate has been operating since 1911 and is one of the largest employers in the area. Learn about the island’s production of sugar and get ready to leave with one serious sweet tooth.

Birds a plenty

If you’re looking for fun family things to do in Flic en Flac, it’s only a 10-minute drive to Casela Nature Park. This park is a hub for discovering and learning, and includes four thematic worlds – safari, nature, mountain and water.

In the safari park you can catch a ride on a 4×4 vehicle and drive through the park spotting big cats, giraffes, zebras, ostriches, white rhinoceros, impalas and more. The mountain and water kingdoms have exciting adrenalin-fuelled activities, including zip lines, climbing walls, a wave pool and water tobogganing.


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