Qawra Holidays 2024/2025

Built for tourism yet never at the cost of charm, Qawra is a Maltese seaside town where good food, pleasing nightlife and a host of watersports combine to fantastic effect. Make sure your next Malta holiday factors in this sensational town of characterful charisma.

Qawra Holiday Deals

Malta's secret town of glitz

Before we begin, here’s an insider tip for you. Qawra is pronounced with a silent Q, like ‘aw-rah’, which is something to bear in mind during your Malta holidays when you make plans to visit this town. And visit you should, since it boasts some of the best entertainment, scenic sights and enticing restaurants on the island, among a host of other perks.

Remnants of medieval fortifications stand amid the modern trappings of Qawra to tell tales of the city’s bygone days. Visiting these imposing structures lets you feel the intimate closeness that this town, like so many in Malta, has with the Mediterranean Sea.

Having said that, Qawra was specifically developed in recent years to accommodate the tourists flocking to Malta who seek alternatives to Bugibba and the other resorts around St Paul’s Bay. In this respect, cheap Qawra holidays not only deliver on tourist amenities, but hugely exceed expectations.

Life by the water

Hotels and high-rises cluster around the bay, yet the true splendours of the Mediterranean are nevertheless yours here in Qawra. Partly why that’s the case is due to the waterfront of Qawra itself.

While it’s true there isn’t a beach here, the rocky outcrops make for a much more dramatic shoreline, and there’s still a surprisingly large selection of little plateaus where sunbathers choose to lay their towels and soak up the rays. Given that temperatures sweep above 30°C every summer, sometimes touching the fringes of 40°C, we can hardly blame them.

Of course, if you prefer your relationship with the sea to be a little more direct, ways and means are very much open to you here. Boating around the bay makes for a splendid afternoon, with a roster of sights to see, while watersports like kitesurfing and jetski rides offer a more adventurous way to cruise the waves in style.

Naturally, exploring beneath the surface is always an option too. For both beginners and experienced divers, lessons and expertise are readily available in Qawra that enable you to sweep down to the sea floor and discover a whole new side to the harbour.

Dining like locals

The balmy streets of Qawra offer plenty in the ways of shopping and entertainment, yet what really distinguishes the city is its sublime selection of restaurants. From the playful ambience of the Cheeky Monkey Gastropub to the refined flavours offered by Lovage Bistro, you’ll find that the dining options open to you every mealtime are beyond a delight.

Furthermore, the tourism focus of Qawra has made a wealth of global cuisine available to you. Particularly, the fact that Malta is so close to Italy has made a range of pizzerias and distinguished Italian restaurants pop up across Qawra, including Giardino Wine Cellar and Quattro Fratelli. Indian, Asian and even Caribbean choices round off the selection.

Laid-back evenings

They certainly know how to party in Malta, and Qawra is no exception, so you can expect clubs like Caesar’s Discotheque and Zero Level to seethe with action until daybreak. On the other side of the equation, Qawra has a fair few pubs and traditional family businesses where a slower pace of life is celebrated. Many of them also offer screens where you can keep up with the beautiful game.

Thoughtfully enough, you’re going to find a great number of them with air conditioning as well, to keep you comfortable on even the balmiest Maltese evening.

Encouraging exploration

Qawra is tucked up at the northeast corner of Malta, which makes it a fantastic place to hang your hat between trips to other cities, days at the beach in Mellieha Bay and bicycle tours of the back country. Altogether, Qawra’s nicely close to all kinds of opportunities, which are often less than an hour’s drive away.

Similarly, the beautiful and vibrant Maltese capital of Valletta is just 16 kilometres away, easily accessible by bus, cab or hired car. It’s a day trip well worth taking, although we appreciate it means wrenching yourself away from Qawra’s own charm and brilliance, which is no easy task.


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