Information about Malta

Planning a trip to Malta? Take a look at our articles for information about this Mediterranean archipelago, including the best way to visit its UNESCO sites, and film and TV set locations. Our informative articles explore all you need to know about holidaying in Malta, from must-try delicacies to culture and nightlife guides.

Tour Malta by Bike

You could be forgiven for thinking that the island of Malta was specifically designed for cycling. This pint-sized holiday destination measures only 27 kilometres across in one direction, and a mere 15 kilometres in the other, so peddling around is easy. And it has a whole heap of official cycle routes to make use of.

Nightlife guide to Malta

Malta has a wide range of nightlife options on offer and, as the island is small, it’s easy to get around. There are sleek cocktail lounges and beachside nightclubs where you can dance to the latest tunes or chill-out with a cocktail in hand.

History of Malta

Malta and its islands have a long, rich history which dates as far back as 5,200BCE. This gives it a fascinating culture and architecture shaped by the many civilisations that have settled here over the millennia.

A UNESCO Guide to Valletta

One of the first places to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the whole of the city of Valletta in Malta was decreed a World Heritage Site in 1980. Housing 320 monuments within 55 hectares, it’s described by UNESCO as ‘one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’.

Malta's Unique Delicacies

As much as it’s a Mediterranean island, the food you’ll find in Malta has plenty of its own defining features, from the way it’s served to its tradition and history. Luckily the flavours are pretty special too, which you’ll find for yourself if you’re lucky enough to eat in a true family-run restaurant.

Film and TV set locations in Malta

Many films where sea, sun and sublime ancient architecture are needed have come to call on Malta to make their movie magic happen. In fact, some of the most definitive hits of TV – from swashbuckling epics to conspiracy theory thrillers – have used Maltese backdrops and scenery.

Family fun in Malta

Don’t be fooled by its small size – Malta is bursting with family-friendly activities, from magical forts and castles to enchanting palaces and picturesque parks. Aside from historical attractions, this Mediterranean hotspot offers idyllic shelves of golden sand packed with watersports along its northern coast and a handful of theme parks dotted throughout the island.

A guide to Malta's February Carnival

Widely regarded as one of the best events on the island, the February Carnival is firmly entrenched in the Maltese calendar and brings the whole community together to celebrate. Brightly coloured floats parade through the streets alongside the outrageous outfits of carnival-goers soaking up street theatre, live music and dancing.