St Paul's Bay Holidays 2024/2025

Although rich in history, St Paul’s Bay is a popular tourism town due to its modern style and sunny chic. Whether you’re making waves or sipping cocktails on your Malta holidays, you’re sure to enjoy the stunning setting. Night-time spots and restaurants are as abundant as the watersports.

St Pauls Bay Holiday Deals

The crown of Malta's north

Although it’s a little under 16 kilometres from the capital of Valletta, there’s a distinctive character and charisma to St Paul’s Bay, nestled in the central northern nook of the map of Malta.

The bay is so named from the biblical tale of the shipwreck that the apostle St Paul was said to have been involved in, yet you’ll find that it’s the modern resort style and days of lazy sunshine that will define cheap Malta holidays here. Towns like Qawra and Bugibba are both close at hand, yet St Paul’s Bay plenty of brilliance all its own that shouldn’t be missed.

Time in town

St Paul’s Bay boasts a splendid promenade that traces the outline of the shore, which is popular with strolling couples, curious tourists and locals looking to make the most of the sunshine. Souvenir shops are plentiful too, both by the sea and further in the heart of the city, so you’re going to find plenty of ways of stocking up on gifts for the folks back home.

More comprehensive shopping experiences are best enjoyed in Valletta or Bugibba, and luckily both of those cities are readily available by efficient bus services. However, you’d miss much of the charm of St Paul’s Bay if you left so swiftly, and with its museums of history, the statue of St Paul and the sublime architecture to take in, some time enjoying the sights comes highly recommended.

With a host of All Inclusive Malta holiday choices available, visiting the shops and sands of St Paul’s Bay has never been easier.

Making a splash

We can’t take you any further without telling you how beautiful the water of St Paul’s Bay is. The grandeur of the Mediterranean Sea surrounds the pale creamy walls of the city’s buildings with an eternal gleam, and beaches are never more than a quarter of an hour away once you’re out of the city limits.

Rocky outcrops offer sumptuous flats where sunbathers flock to indulge their love of the Maltese sunlight, bright and constant, while also offering divers a place to begin their journeys. The water surrounding St Paul’s Bay is deep, blue and mysterious, which is why snorkelling souls are often keen to plunge down to the world below.

Similarly, the active watersports community of St Paul’s Bay sees jet-skis and water-skis in constant demand. While on the more idyllic side of the tale, boats bob about the harbour populated by tourists and locals looking to enjoy life on the waves.

Life after dark

St Paul’s Bay is one of the major urban centres for tourism on Malta, and what that means is that you don’t just have the sun and the sea to enjoy. In fact, some of the best nightlife around can be experienced right where you are, with sumptuous views of the bay to top it off.

The nightlife you’ll enjoy here gives a fantastic contrast, so you can have a low-key evening over wine and nibbles one night, then dance until dawn the next. A venue like O’Reilly’s defines the classic Irish pub with style and substance. While over at the Euro Bar, you’ll be blazing a trail across the dancefloor until the sun comes up, all while enjoying cocktails in every colour of the rainbow.

Cuisine with culture

Much like the town of St Paul’s Bay itself, dining here is a story with two distinct halves. Close the the sea, you’ll have the chance to enjoy coastal cuisine at its finest, which includes homecooked provender and tasty fast food, as well as the classic flavours of Italy. Da Rosi Ristorante comes particularly recommended on that front.

However, head into the old town district and everything takes a turn for the sophisticated, although the welcomes are as warm as anywhere else on Malta. The pace of life is slower here, hearkening to St Paul’s Bay’s history and community spirit, so you can expect tales to be spun over your big beef dinner that speak of days gone by.


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