Mellieha Bay Holidays 2023/2024

Sandy beaches might be few and far between during package holidays to Malta, but they’re a big part of the landscape in Mellieha Bay. The area is home to the longest one on the island, not to mention a quaint, hillside village, historic churches and rustic restaurants that dish up authentic Maltese cuisine.

Mellieha Bay Holiday Deals

Malta’s beach headquarters

Nestled into Malta’s northern coastline is Mellieha Bay, a two-part resort with one big feature that not many Maltese destinations can boast – a long, sandy beach. Up in the hillside is where you’ll find Mellieha’s little village, equipped with winding streets and old churches.

Further down is where the beach lays, half-moon in shape and lined with restaurants. Needless to say, it’s the area’s main focal point, packed with sunbeds, umbrellas and its fair share of sunbathers. Amid this popular beachscape, you’ll find a handful of quirky highlights, from a World War II air raid shelter to the set of the live action Popeye film. The perfect choice for an All Inclusive holiday in Malta, breaks here can be as beach-centric or activity-packed as you like.

Holidays in Mellieha Bay

Longest beach on the island

Mellieha Bay lays claim to an exclusive amenity in Malta – the island’s longest beach. It’s one of Malta’s few sandy shores, stretching out for 800 metres. The clear blue water stays shallow for a fair way out and is kept sheltered by the half-moon shaped land. This also provides top conditions for an array of watersports, including snorkelling, paddle-boarding, kayaking and canoeing.

Because the waterfront is this area’s central attraction, the coast is lined with bars and restaurants, alongside plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas. 10 minutes from the beach is Golden Bay, a Blue Flag-certified shore with hotels lurking just along the coast.

Mellieha Village

About a 20-minute walk from the coast is Mellieha’s old town centre, located up within the hillside. There’s a bus that’ll get you there in 10 minutes, if an uphill walk isn’t on your agenda. Mellieha’s old town is rife with centuries-old churches like the Sanctuary of Our Lady and the Parish Church of Mellieha, as well as cafes and shops connected through narrow lanes. Scaling the hill will also afford gorgeous views out to sea.

Historic scenery

When you aren’t luxuriating along the coast, you can wander through Mellieha’s array of historic buildings. There are the caves and tunnels of the Mellieha Air Raid Shelter leftover from World War II, plus sizeable churches whose yellow-orange facades stand out along this waterfront skyline.

A short bus ride from Mellieha Bay you’ll find Popeye Village, the set for the live action Popeye film. The ramshackle waterfront huts and cartoonish boats are almost otherworldly. Visits here are optimal for stress-free family outings, with boat rides, shows and activities.

Rustic dining

Staying in Mellieha Bay, you’ll be tempted with a vast array of traditional Maltese cuisine, plus other Mediterranean bites. Traditional Maltese food generally displays Italian, English and Mediterranean roots, with an emphasis on rustic dining and seasonal offerings. You’ll also find a wide selection of seafood, though the national dish that you’ll find on Malta holidays is typically considered to be rabbit stew.

You can expect limitless variations of seafood and pasta served in casually elegant surroundings, with views that range from hillside to waterfront. There are also fast food options and pizzerias, plus an assortment of Italian-inspired menus. For a relatively small resort, there are nearly a hundred dining options to choose from.

Quiet Mediterranean nights

Keeping in line with its Mediterranean influences, Mellieha Bay offers largely laid-back evenings. You’ll find chilled out bars and restaurants along the waterfront and up in the village, where you can kick back with a glass of authentic Italian wine. The resort’s hotels are also known for the libation offerings, shortening your night-time commute to just a lift ride.

Maltese shopping

The small, local shops dotting Mellieha’s village and waterfront will present plenty of opportunities to pick up authentic souvenirs. Specialities in these parts include silver and gold filigree jewellery, alongside stunning Maltese lace. You won’t find designer names or many boutiques here – for that you’ll have to head toward Malta’s capital, Valletta.


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