Aghia Paraskevi Holidays 2024/2025

Aghia Paraskevi is a coastal destination with a family friendly vibe and is only a short distance away from the capital, Skiathos Town. As well as relaxed eating and drinking, expect to burn off some steam when enjoying this resort’s fantastic watersports facilities on your holidays to Skiathos, or simply enjoy the beaches.

Aghia Paraskevi Holiday Deals

Picturesque and relaxing for all the family

With the sea on one side of the bay and olive groves and eucalyptus trees just inland, Aghia Paraskevi offers stunning scenery. Named after a local saint, both the nearby village Aghia Paraskevi and the bay are wonderful destinations if you simply want to unwind, indulge in some sporting activities and enjoy the benefits of a popular but secluded resort for your package holidays to Skiathos.

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    Aghia Paraskevi has its own fantastic beach but spending a holiday here also means you’re within easy reach of both Vromolimnos and Kolios beaches, to the east. All of these destinations have long, luscious sandy stretches with easy access to watersports.

    The sea is relatively shallow here, which is fantastic for those with small children and also good for snorkelling. Boat rental from Aghia Paraskevi is fun and you’ll be able to take a tour of the sea surrounding Skiathos.

    Family friendly

    Family friendly is the name of the game here. You’ll soon discover many of the local restaurants have gardens and play areas, keeping your children amused while you unwind and enjoy a tasty meal or snack. For the more adventurous, boat hire is an option, which is one of the best ways to explore this area. Or venture inland and take a refreshing walk in the olive groves and woods.

    If you enjoy a vibrant nightlife then head to Skiathos Town with its nightclubs, restaurants, open air cinemas and bars. You can easily drive to the town or take the bus. Or you could just wander about Aghia Paraskevi, and explore the walking trails around the village.

    Watersports in Aghia Paraskevi

    From jet skis to paddle boarding you can hire equipment from the Aghia Paraskevi Watersports Centre with instruction provided for novices and children welcome to join in. The warm climate and clear water here make Aghia Paraskevi a top spot for getting wet and especially for scuba diving.

    Or to get out and explore the small islands close to the resort you can hire a boat and set sail. Another option is to take a tour organised by the centre to discover the beaches, caves and islands just off Skiathos.

    Eating in Aghia Paraskevi

    From grills to salads, or a selection of the very best fresh local seafood, there are restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets here. Some of the tavernas are located in the charming Aghia Paraskevi village, whilst others are on the seafront.

    There are also some upmarket restaurants for those who want to enjoy a treat or celebration. Most of the tavernas are family run and provide a varied selection of local delicacies. The Mediterranean diet is said to be one of the healthiest in the world and Aghia Paraskevi is a fantastic place to sample healthy Greek food.

    Having fun in nearby Skiathos Town

    Aghia Paraskevi is a laid-back kind of place, so if you want to dance the night away on your Skiathos holidays, or sample more cosmopolitan delights, then a trip to nearby Skiathos Town is in order.

    The capital has a spectacular range of clubs, bars and nightclubs. You’ll soon be able to track down a place to enjoy your favourite music genre. During the high season the party often spills outside into the streets. Whether you’re in search of great food, music or even an outside cinema, Skiathos Town is a fun place to go out.

    Festivities in Aghia Paraskevi

    You can embrace the Greek party atmosphere when visiting Aghia Paraskevi during July. The 29th July is Saint Paraskevi’s name day, which is celebrated by the whole village.

    After the morning ceremony, commemorated in the village’s charming historic church, the party really takes off. The village square is packed with stalls selling local handicrafts and food, all accompanied by live Greek music. The locals start off the traditional dancing and you’re welcome to join in too.


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