Vromolimnos Holidays 2024/2025

Vromolimnos is a haven of peace and tranquillity. As well as the gorgeous beach to enjoy, your views could include dense forests. Having a little bit of everything right on your holiday doorstep is what makes this place so very special. Vromolimnos is the kind of place where memories are made, and where, if you want to come back year after year, you are always going to be welcome. This is as out of the way as it gets, and none the worse for it.

Vromolimnos Holiday Deals

Peace and quiet on tap

People come to Vromolimnos for undiluted peace, and because there is nothing to spoil that peace. The beaches come a close second as to why tourists choose this particular spot to stay for a week or two (or more). The entire coast of Vromolimnos is dotted with small beaches and some are Blue Flag award-winners. The sand is white and inviting, and if you take a slightly longer drive (15 minutes), you’ll come across Koukounaries Beach which is said to be the best spot on Skiathos to sunbathe. There is a nature reserve there, too, if you want to take a walk.

Scoot on down the road

where you can find the restaurants, bars, shops, even more beaches, and people. This is the busiest part of Skiathos, and a far cry from the quiet nights of Vromolimnos, but for dancing and music it is the best place to be. Mamma Mia! was partly filmed in this area, and a short explore will bring you to some recognisable locations. It’s worth a look to see what you can spot, although there are no official guided tours.

A cyclist's dream

Vromolimnos (and Skiathos in general) is a Mecca for those who love to ride their bikes. If that sounds like you, then you won’t want to miss out on hiring a bike and taking the hill trail that starts at Troulous. This will take you to Skiathos’ national park which you can also ride through. It really is beautiful.

Run around the ruins

Kastro was once a mighty fortress, there to defend a 16th-century Skiathos from the scourge of pirates that constantly bombarded its shores. By 1830 when the pirates where no longer a threat, the fortress fell into ruin, and it is these ruins that you can explore today.

Nearest Airport to Vromolimnos

Skiathos Airport – 5 miles

With its shorter-than-usual runway, some head to Skiathos Airport to watch the planes take off and land just metres above their heads. Taxis and transfers are easily available and make holidaying on Skiathos easy.


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