A guide to nightlife in Skiathos

Though places like KosCrete and Rhodes steal the headlines when it comes to Greek party islands, holidays to Skiathos can more than hold their own. Those looking to paint the town red on a Greek island holiday should stick to Skiathos Town itself, where bars and nightclubs dominate the waterfront and the Old Town. Elsewhere on the island, more romantic and relaxed evenings can be had in the many seaside tavernas scattered all over Skiathos, or in the handful of beach bars which stay open a bit later down in Koukounaries. There’s also the open-air cinema in Skiathos Town, a great place to shovel popcorn and take in a blockbuster under a canopy of twinkling stars.

Make new friends at Phedrock Bar, Skiathos Town

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the big match or some great tunes to let your hair down to, Phedrock is a safe choice. Newly renovated, the bar is a mixing pot of all ages and cultures, and it’s easy to see what brings people here – Phedros himself. The owner is such a friendly man he keeps locals and tourists alike coming back for more.

Live music highlights at Danny and Zoe's Blind Dog, Skiathos Town

This live music hotspot is a great place to watch and listen to some impromptu entertainment thanks to owners that treat their music with just the right blend of seriousness and frivolity. Guy – the blind dog from which the bar earns its name – often joins in with the musical renditions, completing an unforgettable experience.

Happy hours and harbour views at Suga Cafe Bar, Skiathos Town

Positioned right on the marina, Suga Cafe Bar is the perfect spot to enjoy an evening cocktail and watch the sun go down behind the masts of the many yachts which crowd the harbour. Though its prices might be slightly higher than elsewhere, the care and attention which goes into the preparation of your drinks makes it worthwhile – and if you visit during happy hour, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bar.

All night entertainment at Kahlua Beach Bar, Koukounaries

In the island’s capital, the liveliest hotspot is to be found at Banana Beach on the south-western coast at Koukounaries. Enjoying a prime location right on the strand, Kahlua Beach Bar offers up a delightful venue to bring in the dawn with a few icy cold beers or exquisitely-prepared cocktails. The eclectic soundtrack is at once laid-back and lively, offering something to keep all musical tastes satisfied until the early hours.

Party like a local at Agustera Cafe Bar, Koukounaries

Situated a little further back from the beachfront, what Agustera lacks in location it more than makes up for in atmosphere. The proprietors Dino and Effie make a point of ingratiating themselves with all-comers to the bar, while their superb sense of humour will ensure you enjoy a rip-roaring night. Open until 2am during high season.