Troulos Holidays 2024/2025

Troulos’ white sands and incredible natural setting are an outdoor lover’s dream. You can spend your Skiathos holidays here walking the picturesque trails and leisurely eating at the beachside cafes.

Troulos Holiday Deals

Troulos Holidays

Troulos is the second-largest resort in Skiathos, but it still has a small town feel and tight-knit community atmosphere. This traditional village is set amidst a stunning landscape, with a beautiful white sand beach and flourishing greenery around the town. Everything is within walking distance here, and you’ll have no problem getting from your hotel room to the beach, restaurants or the supermarkets. Visitors come to Troulos to cash in on the gorgeous surroundings, its pine tree forests and idyllic olive groves. This stress-relieving haven will not only help you connect with nature, but also to a simpler way of life.

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    Troulos’ beach is a huge crowd pleaser. Visitors from all over Skiathos come here to unwind on the well-kept Blue Flag-certified sands. Umbrellas and sunloungers can be found dotted along the beach, but there’s still plenty of empty space for your own beach towels and picnic areas. If you haven’t brought yourself a lunch there are snack bars and Greek tavernas nearby.

    Lifeguards stand watch over the sea, helping parents feel at ease while little ones splash in the shallows. Watersports are also available at this beach, including windsurfing and snorkelling. If you’re feeling adventurous on your holidays to Greece, the islet opposite Troulos, Troulonisi, is near enough for experienced swimmers to get to. Encircling the white sand shores is a green forested area, helping to give this beach a secluded and private feel.

    Nature at its best

    Hiking is a popular pastime here in Troulos. This resort is surrounded by fantastic walking and hiking trails that venture through Troulos’ beautiful pine tree forests and olive groves. Troulos’ national park, Dasi Nisou Skiathou Magnisias, is a great way to experience the area’s natural beauty up close, including the wild flowers that blossom during spring and summer. A walk around this park’s full length of 15 kilometres can take its toll, so make sure to bring some good footwear with you. There are also well-marked walking trails to the nearby Aselinos Beach.

    Authentic cuisine by the sea

    You won’t have trouble finding a spot to eat in Troulos. There are many good restaurants and Greek tavernas situated throughout the town, as well as bars down by the beach. Food here mostly consists of Greek cuisine, with the odd western dish thrown in for visitors. Restaurants serving meals down by the bay offer a delicious selection of mezze dishes and seafood delights.

    Romantic drinks under the stars

    The nightlife scene is pretty laid-back in Troulos. You won’t find any clubs or karaoke joints, but what you will find are bars and tavernas open late, serving cocktails and wine. The bars next to the seaside are especially popular as you can unwind watching the setting sun with your feet in the sand.

    Most spots have their own outdoor seating, and in the summer months they’re ideal for taking in the views and enjoying the evening’s warmth. For a more upbeat and wild nightlife scene on cheap holidays in Skiathos, you can head to the capital city of Skiathos Town. This lively city’s promenade next to the water is lined with bars and clubs open all night long.

    Capital city just next door

    The bustling capital city, Skiathos Town, is just a 10-minute drive away. Buses go here daily from Troulos, or you can hop aboard a water taxi leaving from the harbour. These boats are a much quicker and cheaper way to travel, plus you get to sail across the beautiful Aegean Sea.

    Skiathos Town is a great place to pick up some souvenirs. A walk down Papadiamantis Street leads you to a variety of shops selling clothing, jewellery, and local driftwood carvings. Skiathos Town is also a historical hotspot with one particularly popular site being the Bourtzi. This wooden peninsula holds the remains of a Venetian citadel, with ruins ripe for exploration.


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