Vasilias Holidays 2024/2025

Package holidays to Skiathos are the stuff relaxation-seekers’ dreams are made of – the beautiful region of Vasilias being no exception. You’ll discover a set of peaceful beaches housing local tavernas and private boats bobbing on the waves, perfect for that peaceful getaway.

Vasilias Holiday Deals

Ideal spot to relax

The little village of Vasilias is treated to the lush green surroundings covering most of the island of Skiathos. Even the beach is fringed with pine trees and gently sloping hills that make peaceful backgrounds to any relaxation-based holiday.

Vasilias’ coast is lined with whitewashed buildings topped with terracotta roofs. The beach is the town’s main attraction, with a watersports centre, local tavernas and boat cruises transporting holidaygoers to and from nearby islands and resorts.

Watersport central

The sandy beaches at Vasilias provide a peaceful counterpart to the busier ones nearby. The shores here are divided in two and backed by shady pine trees that make for great shelter come the sweltering summer days. On the beach nearest town is where you’ll want to head for peaceful afternoon naps, and the second half is where you’ll find waterfront tavernas and the watersports centre. There, you’ll be able to try your hand at windsurfing, wakeboarding and water-skiing.

From Vasilias Beach, you’ll have great views of the surrounding Greek islands. They, along with Skiathos Town and other adjacent shores, are all accessible via water taxi. And to make things even simpler, the beaches at Megali Ammos and the Blue Flag-certified shores of Koukounaries are only a 10-minute walk down the coast.

Beach and island hopping

Besides gliding across the waves on a set of water skis or a boat cruise, Vasilias remains quiet during the day. The beaches here are the main attraction of all Skiathos holidays, and lucky for you, they’re very much within reach – there are a series of bus stops beside Vasilias Beach, where you can catch a ride to take you around the island. The shores at Skiathos range from hidden coves to those lined with thatched umbrellas, and hopping between each makes for a varied and sun-soaked holiday.

From Skiathos Town, you can hop aboard a ferry and take the one-hour journey to the island of Skopelos, whose whitewashed buildings and Venetian fortress guarding the coastline are like an image taken from a postcard. They genuinely are captured in a movie – the ABBA-themed flick *Mamma Mia!* was filmed here. You can see the sites featured in the film, or wander along the cobbled lanes past Renaissance-style architecture and an incredible array of little Greek chapels.

Waterfront cooking

As it’s a small, traditional village, Vasilias features a handful of restaurants that predominantly offer Greek fare. Some of those menus will highlight Asian and Italian dishes, if you fancy a change from oven-cooked lamb and bowls of tzatziki. Wherever you go, you’re likely to dine along the waterfront.

Nightlife in Vasilias follows the same laid-back vibes, and largely consists of quiet nights at local tavernas with a jug of raki or glasses of Greek wine. Occasionally you’ll be treated to live Greek music, but if you head over to Skiathos Town, you’ll find local entertainment almost nightly. Along the harbour and the popular Polytechnio Street, there are dance clubs, pubs and bars that keep the energy up throughout Greece’s warm nights.

Local supermarkets

If you’ve opted to go Self Catering on your Greece holiday, you’ll be delighted to know Vasilias comes equipped with big supermarkets that’ll provide you with beach goods and everything you’ll need to whip up your own gourmet meal. For souvenirs and handmade Greek wares, hidden side streets and the popular Papadiamantis Street in Skiathos Town house local boutiques. Here, you’ll find olive wood knick-knacks, along with classic silver jewellery, textiles and artwork to bring home.

Skiathos Town

from Vasilias, which means the area’s best nightlife, shopping and cultural activities are always within easy reach. The town technically doesn’t have its own beach, but it still enjoys a vibrant waterfront, with catamaran cruises and scuba diving excursions.

The resort features an old town crisscrossed with narrow alleyways that lead out to picturesque spots like the Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower. There are a handful of art and history museums dotted around town, as well as biking and boating tours that will get you exploring the coastline. Further inland, you’ll also find the stone walls of the 19th-century Evangelistria Monastery, which houses ancient items and a little shop selling wine made by the monks.


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