Everything You Need To Know About A TUI BLUE Holiday

If you know TUI, you might have heard of TUI BLUE. This collection covers 4 beautifully unique hotel types catered to different holidaymakers. We’re going to cover 3 of the hotel types in this blog, but you’ll be able to find out more about the TUI BLUE Sensatori range with its own special blog


Centred Around You



The first of the 3 hotel types is For All, designed for everyone with the local destination in mind, from detailed architecture to regional dishes. You’ll be kept busy too with their Bluefit program and unique excursions.


Next up in the roster is For Two, and as you guessed it this is poised towards couples and adults. There’ll be no wailing kids in sight either as all ‘For Two’ hotels are adults only! You’ll be able to unwind in quiet zones or at the spa, and enjoy finer and more luxurious meals in the evenings.


And last but not least is TUI BLUE For Families, made for memories and quality time together. All amenities are covered at these hotels, with large landscaped pools and all-star entertainment – whether it’s day or night! And of course there’s a captivating kids club! 


For The Love Of Food


Everyone can enjoy the food offerings in a TUI BLUE hotel, whether you have dietary requirements or you prefer meals with a health-kick, everyone is catered for. Each hotel type has their own special cuisine showcase to explore!


TUI BLUE For All: 



Looking to make the most of your holiday but sticking to a certain dietary lifestyle? Don’t worry, chefs are all clued up on how to accommodate you! Whether it’s allergies or you’re trying to stick to a low-fat or low-carb diet, they’ll be able to prepare amazing meals for you no matter your requirements. Meals and snacks made at TUI BLUE ‘For All’ hotels aren’t made with second-class ingredients – you’ll only be fed the finest local ingredients. Flavourful local delicacies are always on the menu, so you’ll definitely find something new to try!


TUI BLUE For Two: 



Things are a little more relaxed and personal at a ‘For Two’ hotel, with some dining areas equipped with al fresco terraces and show cooking stations.You’ll still be able to enjoy the classic buffet mealtimes, but you’ll also have the option to enjoy one a la carte meal per stay. If you’re looking to celebrate a little more, you can enjoy a candlelit dinner or enjoy one of the themed food nights! 


TUI BLUE For Families: 



The whole family will have full tummies here! Big buffets are made to feed everyone, with child-friendly food selections and designated food prep areas for baby food.  At every TUI BLUE For Families, you’ll find at least one restaurant to change it up from the standard buffet selection – so why not enjoy the likes of picky tapas meals in a relaxed setting with the whole family! If you need a coffee kick in the morning – fear not! Every hotel has its own coffee shop for the perfect pick-me-up. 


Thoughtful Touches


Each hotel type has their own special touches to make your holiday the best it can be! If you’re a couple looking to keep things cool or a family looking for fun and friendly accommodations, TUI BLUE has you covered.





It doesn’t get more thoughtful than a TUI BLUE For All – on arrival you’ll be able to enjoy the welcome lounge, a comfy relaxing spot made to get you straight into holiday mode. Think no more hustle and bustle, just pure relaxation from here-on-in. You’ll also be able to enjoy a farewell lounge on departure – this is based at your hotel, with lockers and showers to use after you’ve left your room, perfect for freshening up before your flight! If you like to stay hooked up while on holiday, set the vibe in your hotel room with the bluetooth speakers! All rooms have bluetooth speakers included for the duration of your stay, so keep those holiday tunes coming while you get ready for the night ahead.


TUI BLUE For Two: 



Thoughtful touches come in the form of luxury at a TUI BLUE For Two – from the get-go you’ll be able to upgrade your room (depending on availability) to one of the incredible swim-up rooms! If you’re a lover of an early morning dip in the pool, you’ll love being able to slide right in directly from your terrace. If you decide not to upgrade, you’ll still be able to enjoy the likes of infinity pools and bali beds throughout your stay – poolside lounging doesn’t get much better than this!


TUI BLUE For Families:



Some of the amazing ‘For Families’ hotels also offer upgraded rooms which have swim-up rooms or even private pools! Perfect for families who are looking to just stroll out of their room and slide straight into a cool pool on a hot day. Only guests who have upgraded to these rooms can use these facilities, so they’ll always be nice and private. As standard all rooms come equipped with aircon, fridges and blackout curtains. Making sure the whole family has a restful sleep and remains hydrated with ice cool water at hand!


Making Memories


Holidays are most certainly memories to keep, but those special highlights can really make a holiday something else. TUI BLUE are hotels designed to keep you smiling with memories to take home and keep forever.


TUI BLUE For All: 



Take yoga to the next level at a ‘For All’ hotel, by doing it overlooking the water! Some of the hotels have beautiful decks made for peaceful yoga sessions over the sea. All hotels also have their own BlueFit park, exclusive to the TUI BLUE range, with the best exercise equipment and encouraging BlueFit Guides, so you can start a new health-kick or seek guidance on an exercise regime. It’ll be like having your own in-house gym and instructor! You certainly won’t be bored at a TUI BLUE resort, with access to around-the-clock entertainment and activities bookable directly through your mobile!


TUI BLUE For Two: 



Memories are constantly being made at TUI BLUE For Two hotels, allowing you to enjoy a range of curated activities with yourself and your significant other in mind. If you’re one to tear up a storm in the kitchen you can enjoy cooking masterclasses or cocktail creation classes – discover the secrets behind a mean strawberry daiquiri or the secret ingredient in paella! The evenings are jam-packed to help create memories too, where you’ll often find live music from local bands and artists alongside themed evenings to keep things different. 


TUI BLUE For Families:



‘For Families’ is made to make incredible memories. Kids will be able to enjoy a kids club unique to their age and interests – Bamse Club is made for little ones aged 3-5, while The Hangout caters to teens aged 12-15, with free wifi and chill-out zones, making it the perfect place for them to socialise! Babies aren’t forgotten either – the Babyclub is open at least 6 days a week, and on some evenings too (for a small charge) if you’re looking for some alone time! Adults can enjoy the theatrical numbers performed on an evening or head out on tailored local excursions with brilliantly informed BLUE guides.


Always Connected



At every TUI BLUE hotel you’ll be able to use the exclusive BLUE app, made to keep you in the loop with all the entertainment and activities available. You’ll also be able to reach the trusty BLUE guides through the ease of the app, who are always on hand to give their expert advice on the local area and things to do! 


Is TUI BLUE for you?



If TUI BLUE caters to you and ticks all your boxes, take a look at this list of top TUI BLUE hotels, and if you’re looking to discover the rest of the hotel range, head to the TUI BLUE deals page to find your next dream holiday!








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