TUI BLUE For All fuses modern and traditional features with their contemporary architecture and local cuisine. Bringing about a new range of hotels, expect first-class luxury, special experiences and flexibility on your TUI BLUE For All stay.

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TUI BLUE For All holidays are all about exploring more – state-of-the-art technology, authentic flavours and tailored experiences. Now, throw in a bunch of dreamlike destinations with a choice of swanky hotels and you’ve got the full package.

One of the best things about TUI BLUE For All hotels is the way they mirror their destination. From its interiors to its menus, each hotel has a distinct local influence. TUI Blue holidays stand out in a matter of ways, most of all because you can control your trip through the app. That’s right – all you need to do is download the Blue App and you can tailor your holiday to best suit your needs.

Authentic cuisine

TUI BLUE For All hotels will take you on a culinary adventure from the minute you taste their delicious plates. Chefs here are extremely skilled and bring ordinary ingredients to life through their fantastic local recipes. There are on-site bakeries and a la carte options too, so there’s plenty of ways to tempt your taste buds. And with an amazing fitness programme, there’s even the option to holiday healthy.

This is where Bluefit comes in, this helpful guide not only offers a tailored fitness plan, but it also tells you what you should be eating to fit in with your workout routine. These hotels focus on foods that fuel the body, and everyone is catered for whether you’re eating low carbs, no meat or like to maintain a strict vegan lifestyle.

Guests don’t have to stick to the buffet either – TUI Blue dining is all about choice. If you’re not indulging in a beautiful a la carte restaurant, then you can enjoy warm nights at the beach barbeque, or even a refreshing cocktail at the open-all-night Welcome Lounge.

Unforgettable experiences

Another highlight of a TUI BLUE For All Holiday is their Blue Guides. These informative guides will help you get the best out of your holiday from the minute you arrive. For guests who want to know what activities are available in the hotel, or for recommendations outside the complex, Blue Guides are always on hand to answer all your questions.

You don’t have to wait until you arrive either, the guides will be happy to help before and after your trip. But whatever you do, make sure you download the Blue App. This high-tech app will enhance your holiday experience with options like booking activities and communicating your personal preferences.

Idyllic locations

TUI BLUE For All combines stunning hotels and perfect locations, so if you want first-rate facilities in breathtaking settings, TUI Blue holidays are just as appealing as they sound. Beachfront settings in Croatia meets cliffside views in the Algarve, these hotels are all about balconies with a view.

What’s more, the location isn’t the only draw – you’ll also find Wi-Fi throughout your hotel as well as rooms equipped with a multimedia device, which allows you to connect your music through Bluetooth. This is a nice touch for anyone who wants to listen to their favourite songs in the comfort of their room.

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