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5 Easy Day Trips to Make While in Italy

Italy might be sizeable, but navigating this boot shaped country by plane, train and ferry is easier – and less time consuming – than you might think. To get the holiday cogs churning, here are five easy trips to start thinking about taking around this Mediterranean destination.

Florence to Venice

The train between Florence and Venice takes just two hours if you go by the high-speed train, making it close enough for a day trip.

Starting in Florence gets you the famous red-capped basilica known as Il Duomo on the horizon. Florence is the capital of the Tuscany region, so museums and art galleries – think, Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ and Michelangelo’s ‘David’ – are a given, while over in Venice, you’re treated to cobbled lanes, waterfront Italian food and classic gondola rides.

Sorrento to Naples

Naples and Sorrento stare at one another across from the Bay of Naples, reachable by a 45-minute ferry ride. There are two ferry companies that operate this quick ride, both of which offer multiple trips a week.

Naples and Sorrento are part of the Neapolitan Riviera so have similar coastal vibes, stretching up into hillsides and overlooking the water. Naples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the home of pizza, while Sorrento is a top spot to lounge in seclusion at one of the resort’s hidden inlets.

Lake Como to Milan

Trains between Milan and Lake Como of the Italian Lakes district, take less than an hour and are pinch-me affordable. They run regularly, making day trips between the two areas a piece of cake.

Lake Como is a famous playground for just that – the famous. It’s known for the celebrities that traipse its historic streets and own posh villas. Milan has a similar exclusive vibe, seeing as it’s a fashion and design capital. Here, you can wander in the shadow of the staggering Milan Cathedral or pop over to see da Vinci’s painting, ‘The Last Supper’.

Naples to Sicily

Flights from Naples to Sicily are just under an hour, which means taking a duo-city holiday with these two stunners is a no brainer.

Naples sits in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, while Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, carpeted with citrus groves and vineyards. Its towering cliffsides and sandy bays beg for suntanning, though its manmade landscape isn’t half bad either – expect stone buildings with red roofs and dozens of castles and fortresses.

Rome to Sardinia

Flights between Italy’s capital city and the island of Sardinia are equally breezy, also clocking in at just around an hour. Rome is one of those cities that doesn’t need an introduction – with the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum and the Vatican City right on its doorstep, this world famous city is kind of a big deal.

Sardinia is a large island similar to Sicily, but with a culture unto itself. It’s heavily influenced by Catalan, with its own smattering of beautiful beaches, flavourful seafood dishes and Medieval towns that feel nothing short of historic.

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