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Scene Take On Kavos!!

WARNING! DON’T go on holiday to Kavos if you need your sleep, have kids or are happily married! Well not in the height of summer anyway… DO go here if you want  to party, have fun and consume copious amounts of alcohol from dusk till dawn! We went for a week, flying on August 20th. It’s a good job seeing as I don’t think I’d have survived two!!! (From what I can remember!) we had THE most amazing time!

Our hotel, the Odysseus, was just a couple of minutes from the beach, just along the road from the main strip of bars. Our apartment wasn’t very big and was a bit basic, but who cares?! You’re only there to get washed and changed, not even sleep as you do that by the pool during the day! It had a bed, kettle and shower, what more do you need? We didn’t even use the basic cooking facilities. We were too lazy, so ate out all the time. There were eateries cooking up English grub everywhere.


The pool area was clean but small, but after going to the beach and seeing the atmosphere wasn’t as good, we decided it was the best place to be! The pool bar pumps out music day and night and did happy hours. Watch your money though, because (like bars in Manchester) if they think you’re drunk they’ll will try to short change you.

Now where to begin describing the nightlife?!! The best thing was the organised bar crawl on the first night. Free drinks were practically thrown at us from left, right and centre and we got our bearings (before losing them again!) and found all the best places to go. Every night after that we knew exactly where we wanted to go. There are tons of happy hours after a few drinks, you don’t notice the taste of the local spirits! Usually, the clubs didn’t usually open until 1am – we never got back to the apartment before 7am! From there we just changed into our bikinis and slept by the pool, manageable even with the loud music! We dived for champagne, did the booze cruise, competed for the best belly-flopper and had the best laugh ever!!

The night before we came home we had an old school disco – hilarious, we all dressed up in school uniform (don’t worry the reps will sell you stuff) yet all ended up swapping clothes with the lads as the night went on…

The 2wentys Reps were great, didn’t hassle us to join in with things, but we usually did anyway. They were a great laugh and the crowd that had travelled the same time as us and came on all of the nights out were brilliant fun!

Forget Ibiza as the party place, Kavos, Corfu is the place to be! Definitely go on a 2wentys holiday; the people, the atmosphere and the music are out of this world!

Lou Baxton & the girls!