Why Us Brits Love Benidorm

If there’s one holiday destination you think of when it comes to us Brits, it has to be said that good old Benidorm always comes to mind! 

But what is it about this part of Spain that makes it one of our most-loved places for a sunny getaway? And is it really as cliche as you may think it is – or are there real reasons why this slice of Spanish coast keeps us coming back year after year? 

Let’s find out! Here’s just some of the reasons we can’t seem to get enough of Benidorm holidays…

The short flight

With a short flight time of just two and a half hours from the UK, why wouldn’t you hop on a plane and be beside sunny beaches and buzzing bars? 

The travelling involved with flying and longer flights can be a barrier to some holidays, but that certainly isn’t the case with Benidorm. A couple drinks on the flight, a few episodes of your favourite show or even a film, and you’re there! 

And for such a short flight, the scenes are no less impressive than flights that take you far-away – palm trees, sunshine, and beautiful beaches to match.

The weather

Let’s face it, what’s the main reason most of us head of on our hollies? The weather of course! And for a relatively short distance from the UK in comparison to other destinations, Benidorm really delivers on wonderful weather for pretty much most of the year.

You can head out to Benidorm as early as March and April and see average daily highs of 21 degrees (more than enough to get a tan!) and in summer, the average daily maximum reaches a scorching 31 degrees. So, remember that suncream! 

And even in January, when the UK is dark, cold, and full of frosty scenes, Benidorm still sees average daily maximums of 17 degrees, although you’ll want to wrap up on a night . Still, it beats the snowy roads and ice back home!

The beach

Of course we couldn’t not mention one of the biggest draws to Benidorm – the beach! Curving round and capturing all Benidorm has to offer in one swift flick, Benidorm’s main beach is certainly a show stopper. 

Playa de Levante beach is the star attraction around these parts, and you’ll soon discover why this long, golden sandy bay is one of the most popular around. 

It’s within walking distance of the main town area and boasts almost two miles of pretty promenade, lined with swaying palm trees and adorned with beachfront bars and restaurants. 

There’s a whole host of watersports available, or if you’d rather just relax, take up a spot and gaze out towards the rock known as ‘Benidorm Island’. It really is a stunning sight!

The bars

So this one’s probably no secret – Benidorm’s bars are legendary! Benidorm is known for its selection of bustling bars, and is known as one of the best entertainment destinations in all of Spain.

From nightly cabaret shows featuring talented singers, dancers and even acrobats, to karaoke clubs where you can belt out your favourite song, you won’t be short on places to have a good time here. 

The main ‘strip’ boasts bar after bar, lighting up Benidorm in dazzling lights with the beat of music in the air. You’ll find drinks offers tempting you in with 2 for 1 cocktails, and there’s always free shots nearby somewhere!

What many don’t realise with Benidorm, is that it’s the best of both worlds – you can still opt for a much more relaxed affair. Off of the main strip area, you can discover quieter bars playing live music, with happy hours on the go so you can enjoy your favourite drink for less. 

Down by the beach, you’ll find sophisticated beach clubs and beach front bars, all allowing you to enjoy drinks with a view. You’ve got every kind of bar you could wish for in Benidorm – what more could you want!

The atmosphere

If you’ve been to Benidorm before, you’ll know what we’re talking about – there’s just a jubilant air about this place, where everyone seems to be having a good time. 

Take a walk down the main promenade by the beach and you’ll see people smiling from ear to ear, sipping on drinks in the sun and laughing the day away. 

There’s usually some kind of music playing in the distance, cocktails and beers are flowing, and people just seem to be enjoying themselves to no end. 

Take a stroll down the main strip and you’ll no doubt hear the hum hum of crowds gathering to sing and dance, with the odd hen and stag do appearing in fun costumes from time to time. It’s a bit of a spectacle, and all part of the fun!

Of course there’s quiet areas where you can simply sit and enjoy the sunshine, and if you take up a spot at one of the beach front bars, you’ll soon realise it’s the perfect spot for a bit of people watching. 

The shops

If you love a bit of shopping, you’re in for a treat! Benidorm is a shopper’s paradise, with everything from big Spanish supermarkets to rows and rows of Spanish stalls selling everything from handmade clothing to smaller trinkets and treasures. 

It’s easy to spoil children here, with the range of unique Spanish clothing filling stores from one end of the promenade right down to the other. There’s also so many different toys on display everywhere you go, you’ll need extra room in your suitcase to take things home for the kids!

Treat yourself to a new Spanish bag, a new pair of leather shoes or take souvenirs back home for your loved ones. You won’t be short on things catching your eye!

The Old Town

It has to be said, the Old Town of Benidorm really is the jewel of this destination. Here you’ll find traditional white-washed houses, wonderful churches and an amazing look-out point near the castle.

There’s a maze of cobbled streets to wander through, with an amazing array of shops to browse, from little boutiques to Spanish stalls. And you better make sure you come to the Old Town hungry – because the rustic restaurant offering here is second to none! 

You’ll find dozens of quaint eateries all tempting you in with delicious, fresh aromas, and if you’re a fan of tapas, then you’re in luck! There’s a street here actually known as ‘tapas alley’, so treating your tastebuds here is a must!

The views

What you soon realise after being in Benidorm is that there’s so much more to it than just shops and bars – there’s vast and beautiful views to be had, too.

If you head to the north end of Benidorm beach and make your way up the hillside, you’ll reach La Creu de Benidorm – a heavenly hilltop marked by a gigantic cross, with astounding views of all of Benidorm and across out to sea.

You can get there by taxi if you’d prefer not to walk, but it’s so worth the hike – you’ll feel as though you’re king of the world once you’ve made it to the top. Many say it’s the best view in Europe!

We’d recommend catching a sunset here – you’ll be blown away by the spectacular scenes before you. Pack a picnic, a bottle of wine, and you’ve got yourself a seriously romantic spot for the perfect date!

Bring on Benidorm!

Like the sound of all of that? If you’re raring to go back or ready to test out Benidorm for yourself for the first time, you can take a look at some of our best Benidorm deals here