Top Romantic City Break Destinations

What could be better than taking in the sights and sounds of a new city with the person you love? If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to the perfect city break for couples, then don’t worry, we have you covered. 

These romantic cities never fail when it comes to giving us ‘the feels!’ Take your pick and prepare for a loved-up escape like no other…


Poland might be a country bustling with history but its captivating capital Krakow is easily one of the prettiest places in Europe.

The medieval market square in the Old Town is the perfect place to treat your loved one to a romantic stroll hand in hand, soaking up the traditional architecture as you go. 

With horse-drawn carriages clip-clopping by and an array of rustic restaurants and cafes tempting you in with delicious European treats, it’s the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the world go by.

Take a ride on the enormous ferris wheel on the outskirts of the city centre to capture Krakow’s beauty from above – the castle backdrop against the weaving river is sure to be a romantic sight.


Prague is pretty any time of year – but for extra lovey-dovey vibes be sure to go around Christmas!

From mid November right up until the start of January this city transforms into a glittering beacon of Christmas beauty. 

From gigantic angels lighting up the main square to enormous Christmas lights and Christmas trees scattered across the city, a visit here at this time will have you feeling the love – and the Christmas spirit! 

Take turns picking out tasty treats to try together, from the oh-so-sweet Tridelnik that’s topped with ice-cream to the richest and most luxurious hot chocolate you’ve ever sipped. 

A stroll across the Charles Bridge is a must too – don’t forget to stop for a selfie together in this popular spot, taking in your seriously scenic surroundings. 


Barcelona in Costa Dorada

If you’d rather visit a sun-kissed city, then beautiful Barcelona should definitely be on your hit-list for a romantic retreat. 

It’s one of our top choices for a superb city break, largely because it gives you the best of both worlds – a bustling main centre with fascinating architecture, and at the other end, a sandy beach!

Stroll hand in hand along the famous Las Ramblas, taking in the sights and sounds of amazing street performers before treating your other half to a gift or souvenir from one of Barcelona’s many shops – from the designer to boutique. 

Dine at top restaurants and tuck into tapas, then finish off your day watching the sunset go down by the beach. What could be better?


This blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the City of Love itself, Paris! If its nickname doesn’t tell you all you need to know already, then let us educate you a little further!

Picture this; romantic strolls along the Seine, wandering through the lush gardens of the Palace of Versailles hand in hand, and the pièce de résistance – the moment the Eiffel Tower illuminates before your very eyes, twinkling in the night. It doesn’t get any more romantic! 

This city will make you fall in love in more ways than one – from its fantastic fine dining opportunities to its luxurious fashion scene, you don’t need to think twice about saying ‘Oui!’ to a getaway here. 

Feeling the love?

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