Best Nightlife in Slovenia

The majestic natural beauty of Slovenia, together with its inspiring architecture, makes it a brilliant place to spend your holiday days in the sun with so much to do. Of course, it’s a whole other story after dark, as Slovenia’s nightlife offers a range of ways to enjoy yourself after sundown. We’ve picked a few of our favourites for you to peruse, as well as providing a little insight as to how they like to enjoy themselves in these parts.

The lively capital

For many partygoers, the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana is the first port of call for a vibrant night out.

There’s a good reason that’s the case too, since an artsy district known as Metelkova has become the beating heart of the city.

Rich in graffiti and unusual decorations, it was formerly a barracks until the bohemian inhabitants of the city inherited it for their own – and they’ve transformed it beautifully with striking works of art. Clubs here play anything from heavy metal to modern dance hits, blaring out tunes while coloured lights flicker overhead.

The Metelkova district isn’t your only option – there are plenty of venues to see and be seen in, including Orto Bar. It’s close to Metelkova, yet also close enough to the city centre proper to prove a great hub. The music they enjoy here is rock and metal, and they like it loud.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back evening, Ljubljana’s centre has plenty to offer you. Kafeterija Lan is tucked by the river, and its interior is lit up bright green with some soothing floral patterns to complement it. If an even more chilled out experience is what you’re after, you can instead head to Ragamuffin, which is close to the main nightlife hubs yet benefits from a relaxed reggae and calypso soundtrack, taking its cues from Jamaica.

Cafe culture across the country

Beyond Slovenia’s capital, there’s still a great deal of exciting nightlife to be found, together with a decent range of more downtempo venues. If you’re visiting Portoroz by the sea, a trip to a beach bar comes well recommended, and you’ll have a good number to choose from.

One of the most popular of those, and with good reason, is Alaya, a lounge right by the shore. It’s here that cocktails flow in relaxing surroundings, with music that helps you unwind after a long day seeing the sights. Another good spot in Portoroz is Nota Bar, where you can watch the boats bob in the harbour over a cold one.

If you’re enjoying the sights of Kranjska Gora in the north, the town offers you plenty to do after sundown. Live music in a venue like Vopa is a good way to see how the locals like to unwind, and the affordable range of beers are always appreciated. Local indie and rock bands play here most nights, giving you a fine soundtrack to your night.

A more traditional pub experience can be found in Kranjska Gora’s Kasabrin Bar, whose interior is warm and inviting, yet its beer garden and fire pit perhaps more so. Sit in the alcove and watch the stars come out to shine on comfy sofas, and taste for yourself why Slovenian wines are the unsung heroes of Europe.

On the other hand, if your Slovenia holiday is taking you to the fantastically beautiful Lake Bled, one of the liveliest places for a drink is Pub Bled. Evenings here are met with cool beers, big screen TVs and live DJ sets livening up the evenings. Enjoy yourself too much and you might just inadvertently catch a Lake Bled sunrise in all its majesty.