Bohinj Holidays 2024/2025

The beautiful lake and its scattered communities make for stunning surroundings on your Bohinj break. Whether it’s history, boat trips, waterfalls or shopping, this is a realm of secret gardens, sprightly sports and local character.

Bohinj Holiday Deals

The lakeside dream destination

Bohinj is named for its lake, which is the largest in Slovenia and has become the heart of the country’s only national park. With it come one of the most appealing destinations for Slovenia holidays, as well as one of the most desirable travel treasures of Europe.

That means you’re free from the crowds on a Bohinj visit, but never free from the fun. Here you’ll find scenic little villages, complete with pretty chapels whose pale spires point to the blue skies above. You’ll find little jetties jutting out over the lake’s surface, and gently bobbing boats taking tourists to and fro.

Nature trails await explorers and the cafe culture entices people-watchers, while beneath it all simmers a love of sports and outdoor adventures that gives Bohinj a surprising edge.

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    Bonhinj certainly isn’t short of handsome scenery and places to explore, but there are a few particular places well worth your attention when holidaying here. The grand mountain that is Vogel towers is accessible via cable car, as a winter sports heaven, it’s great spot to visit during your time in Bohinj.

    Meanwhile, the romantic Savica Waterfall rewards those who brave its 500 steps to the summit with incredible views, and you’ll see rainbows on a good day. There’s also a restaurant nearby to keep you energised after making the trip.

    Beyond natural hotspots, getting involved in the community is another superb way to get to know Bohinj. That’s easily done thanks to the locals’ love of honouring their history, as you’ll see in the Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Stara Fuzina.

    Butter moulds, cheese presses, snowshoes and sleds have been lovingly preserved here in exhibits that go all the way back to the farming days of the 19th century. You’ll get a similar glimpse into the past at Oplen House in the village of Studor, which shows how the simple farming folk of days gone by went about their domestic lives.

    Staying active amid the sights

    Buses ensure that each of the villages peppered around Bohinj are well connected, but it’s fun to walk the trails and take in the sights. In fact, staying active is part of the charm of being in Bohinj, and you’re going to have plenty of options open to you for enjoying the great outdoors. More tame affairs like mini-golf are yours to experience, but you can also gain access to cycle hire and tennis courts for some more fast-paced enjoyment.

    Home to one of the most famous lakes in Slovenia, there are plenty of water-based activities to explore around here too. You can get stuck into some fishing or even swim in Lake Bohinj’s clear, warm water in some spots. Shallow strips of sand form little beaches where you can sunbathe or pack a picnic.

    Shopping and dining

    Bohinj has its villages laced throughout the valley, close enough together to make shopping in each a fun pastime. However, if you’d rather have all the local goods in one place, look no further than the Bohinj Saturday market. Local people gather to sell handmade clothing and hats, as well as baskets, jams, arts and crafts, cheeses, snacks, cakes and honey. It’s a must if you’re after some picnic nibbles or fine souvenirs for your loved ones at home.

    As far as food and drink go, you’ll not be living it up in the nightclubs around here, but Bohinj is all the better for that. Villages tend to have a local pub where folks can gather, but the real charm rests in the restaurants and cafes around here.

    As far as good food goes, Bohinj is both blessed and spoilt, with each community offering lots of local dishes and a few international favourites. In Bohinjsko Jezero alone you’ll find both the lakeside dining of Restavracija Kramar and the more down-tempo pepperoni and cola of Center Bohinj Pizzerija. As a hidden treasure in its own right, Bohinj also has plenty of hideaways to eat at, like the aptly named Hideout Cafe Bohinj in the woodlands, so it’s worth exploring to find the best bites.


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