Kranjska Gora Holidays 2024/2025

When planning holidays to Slovenia, Kranjska Gora is one of the most famous destinations to visit. It’s a hugely popular resort in the mountains, bordering on both Austria and Italy. It’s home to annual World Cup skiing events – so as you can imagine, facilities here are amazing. However, Kranjska Gora is not just the destination for winter sports like skiing and snow boarding – high-octane activities are available year round at this wonderful resort. The stunning surrounding scenery and easy access to Triglav National Park make it a great base for anyone wanting an action-packed holiday.

Kranjska Gora Holiday Deals

Hike the wonderful wilderness

If you head on Kranjska Gora holidays in the summer or warmer months, hiking and cycling are some of the most fun things to do. The resort and surrounding area have a huge number of trails that are perfect beginners, and more difficult hikes that require specialist equipment and a guide.

If a leisurely stroll through the beautiful landscape is too slow-paced, head off on a muscle-burning quest into the Alpine valleys. You have over 100km of hiking trails to choose from, all of them winding around the untouched wilderness that surrounds Kranjska Gora. If you’re bringing children, you’ll find plenty of trails that are suited to little legs too! Stick to the well-maintained paths or go off-roading up the steep mountain passes.​

(Big) kids will love it here!

Kranjska Gora holidays aren’t just for thrill-seekers – families and children will love the range of activities on offer. From exploring pretty Alpine villages to eating delicious food, you can spend time really getting to know this beautiful resort.

Highlights for children include walking the trails around Lake Jasna, heading to the magical Fairytale Land, and summer tobogganing on track that’s a dizzying 1.5km long. It takes a full five minutes to complete the entire ride – hang on tight!

There are also a number of pools to swim in, some tempting sweet shops to peruse and more sedate activities like tennis, golf and fly fishing. Or go horse riding through the mountains, and see the world from a different perspective.​

Have some heart-thumping fun

The best part about holidays in Kranjska Gora is the snow. Once the valley receives its first snowfall of the season, the resort comes to life in a big way. From night slalom skiing to cross-country skiing through the forests, you can pick from any number of snow sports.

The resort has 18 ski slopes, all of varying technical difficulty. There are also nearby ski runs in Mojstrana and Ratece for something different. The slopes are right next to the hotels, so you can step straight out on to the snow every morning. If you’re a beginner – or you’re bringing one with you – there are highly-acclaimed instructors and ski schools on site.

An unique activity to try is ice climbing. You can practise in the centre first, before taking on a frozen waterfall or gorge for some heart-thumping fun.​

Crank it up another octave

If you don’t want to ski, there are many other options including climbing, paragliding, mountaineering and zip-lining.

The resort has two natural climbing walls and two artificial walls, so you can test your skills in a safe environment. Once you’re happy, beginners can head to the Urbas Rock above Dovje village. Experienced climbers should seek out the Blašceva Skala rocks. It’s an incredibly difficult climb, but the views are incredible.

Mountaineering is another popular pastime, with easy and hard routes for you to follow. Experienced visitors should attempt the most demanding of them all, the Sphinx Path.

Kranjska Gora is also home to one of the best zip-lines in the world, the Planica Zipline. You’ll fly down a track that’s an exhilarating half a kilometer long, reaching speeds of 90km per hour!​

A world of pure imagination

If all this isn’t enough, you can go one better by either paragliding or using the resort’s wind tunnel. Experienced gliders can hire off-road vehicles to reach the best take-off spots, but if you’re a beginner, the resort can organise everything for you.

You’ll see the Upper Sava Valley from a truly unique angle, leaving from a start point that’s 1.6km high. Beginners will glide along with an instructor, so you can simply relax and enjoy the ride. Kranjska Gora also has its own wind tunnel in the Planica Norda Centre. Once you enter, a strong current will lift you higher into the tunnel…anyone remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

Kranjska Gora Slovenia holidays are a remarkable experience. You can fly, ski, fish, cycle or walk among some of the country’s most astounding scenery. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn something new while having some fun, or you’re a seasoned pro after some of the most challenging trails, this resort has something for everyone. And when you’re not racing around the mountainous terrain, you can enjoy traditional Alpine cuisine and warm hospitality.​


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