Articles about Slovenia

Planning a holiday to Slovenia? Browse our articles for information about this scenic central European country, including guides to the country’s culture, cuisine and mountain trails. We have everything you could need to know for your next holiday to Slovenia, from things to do in the capital Ljubljana to tips for family holidays.

Nightlife in Slovenia

The majestic natural beauty of Slovenia, together with its inspiring architecture, makes it a brilliant place to spend your holiday days in the sun. Of course, it’s a whole other story after dark, as Slovenia’s nightlife offers a range of ways to enjoy yourself after sundown. We’ve picked a few of our favourites for you to peruse, as well as providing a little insight as to how they like to enjoy themselves in these parts.

A Guide to Slovenian Cuisine

Although it’s a pretty small country, your Slovenia holiday will show off just how diverse traditional food and drink can be. With both the Alps and the Adriatic Sea within its borders, Slovenia’s cooking features flavours that have evolved over centuries of living off the land and working in harmony with nature.You’re in for a treat when you visit Slovenia, especially at mealtimes. Take our recommendations in mind during your trip, and you’re sure to enjoy the finest flavours in the land.

A guide to Slovenian culture

As it only became a republic in 1991, Slovenia is a very young country compared to many of its counterparts, yet it still boasts a history of rich cultural traditions that date right back to the 6th century. Modern day Slovenians have been careful to preserve this, partly because they waited so long for independent rule. Slovenia continues to take its cultural heritage seriously and celebrates its history and traditions as often as possible. Holiday here and you’ll have lots of opportunities to observe traditions such as national costumes, folk dances and songs. To help you plan your Slovenian holiday, we’ve brought together some of the highlights.

The caves of Slovenia

Aside from the country’s famed lakes and fairytale castles, Slovenia is home to an impressive network of caves, including the world’s largest subterranean canyon. Learn about species unique to Slovenian caves and marvel in awe under enormous stalactites as you discover a magical new world full of underground halls and mysterious tunnels.

Sightseeing in Lake Bled

There’s a huge variety of ways to spend your time when you take a holiday in Slovenia, yet countless holidaymakers from every generation swear by the fantastic beauty of Lake Bled. From the fairytale chapel to the captivating scenery all around, it’s rightfully earned its place as one of the most appealing places to enjoy your Slovenian escape.

5 things you didn't know about Slovenia

Although it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in Central Europe, there’s a great deal more to Slovenia than meets the eye. Its history takes in Holy Roman Empire influences as much as classic, gothic and Hungarian flavours, plus plenty of local legends gives Slovenia a unique identity.If you’re planning a trip here, make sure you brush up on your knowledge, as Slovenia has plenty of aces up its sleeve. Our five fast facts are just the start of what this intriguing little nation has to offer.

Pick of the best Slovenian mountain trails

Despite its small size, Slovenia is home to almost 10,000 kilometres of walking routes across the country. From relaxed and gentle walks suitable for the whole family to serious Alpine treks reserved for the more experienced explorers, Slovenia is a haven for the hiker.

A family guide to Slovenia

Slovenia may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of family holidays, but its abundance of castles, exciting outdoor pursuits and beautiful natural features ticks all the boxes. The country is particularly good for older children who will enjoy walking and taking part in activities such as white water rafting or skiing.

A guide to the Slovenian Riviera

The Slovenian Riviera refers to Slovenia’s small coastal patch bordering the Adriatic Sea, sandwiched between Italyand Croatia. Because of its location, the region features a distinct blend of Roman, Venetian and Medieval architecture whose towns are so closely clustered, they all seamlessly blend together. You won’t find classic beaches here like the ones you might in other rivieras, but there are still ways to connect with the water and bask in that glorious Slovenian sun.

A guide to Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana

One of the smallest capital cities in Europe, Ljubljana is charming yet full of life. As the 2016 Green Capital of Europe, it knows how to deal with tourism sustainably and its abundance of park areas and traffic ban in the centre mean walking around and taking in the sights is easy. It also has some seriously cool nightlife and quirky cafes – here’s a run down of what you can expect from Ljubljana.