A guide to food and drink in Agadir

In Agadir there are plenty of places that have opened their doors to embrace tourism, so you’re going to find a good variety of food from a whole range of countries available to you. That said, passing up authentic Moroccan cuisine is simply not an option — not least since there’s such a wealth of delicious flavours to try.

Exploring Agadir's delicacies

You might know Morocco as being the realm of tagine and couscous, but there’s plenty more on the menu during holidays to Agadir. The country’s distinctive position on the map has enabled it to take cues from the food of Greece and Spain.

Moroccans love a filling bocadillo as much as any Spanish soul you’d care to mention. What’s more, mint tea is enjoyed in Morocco to the point that making it well is considered an art.

Try the mixed grill by the sea at O Playa Restaurant

The lights and sounds might make you think that this is a beachfront bar, and you’re partly right, although that’s not the full story. In fact, the warmth and vibrancy of O Playa Restaurant exhibits the spirit of Moroccan hospitality, while offering grilled meats, seafood and a pretty fantastic carbonara.

The steaks are also known as juicy and succulent, and because O Playa Restaurant is open all day and night, you’ve got plenty of time to ponder the menu. Don’t forgo the wine here either, with flavours to complement even your most eclectic dishes delightfully.

Choose the massive meat platters at K-Moon

Mediterranean and Moroccan meals are yours to savour at simple, efficient and friendly K-Moon. Huge platters of enticing meat skewers make your mouth water, while the tapas and salads don’t exactly skimp on portion sizes either. The gourmet burgers served here aren’t to be missed, and you’ll find the prices pleasingly modest.

Set back from the main tourist track, K-Moon is worth a visit when your stomach starts to rumble, and you can rest assured that the portion sizes are so big you’ll be heading back to the hotel feeling well and truly feasted up.

Say bonjour at Le Parasol Bleu

Although you’re enjoying the sunshine on Agadir holidays, a visit to La Parasol Bleu is all it takes to feel as though you’re in one of the quaint backstreet restaurants of old Paris. It’s a claim boosted by the extensive menu, where French delicacies are further backed by a wide range of seafood, from succulent sole to opulent lobster.

What’s more, the selection of wines and other tipples celebrates the French flair for the fabulous, and your friendly waiter’s going to know exactly what to recommend if you’re not the connoisseur you’re keen to be.

Sample authentic Moroccan wine at Le Jardin d'Eau

French, Mediterranean and Moroccan dining is mixed to tremendous effect at Le Jardin d’Eau, where the sublime surroundings and thoughtful service makes for a brilliant place to spend an afternoon or while away an evening.

Exotic arches and warm, rustic colours perfectly complement hearty steak flavours and zingy fish dishes, while the wine list gives you an insight into locally sourced tipples that many other locales simply can’t provide.

Enjoy the seafood served at Little Norway

The spaghetti bolognese and profiteroles make for a keenly European flair laced throughout Little Norway’s menu. However, the restaurant’s Scandinavian spirit is best found in its seafood options, in which the monkfish comes particularly recommended.

There’s plenty more to enjoy besides though, including succulent steaks with truffle sauce, while the presentation is Nordic chic at its highest level this side of Reykjavik. Your surroundings back up that claim, taking that minimalistic style and adding some of the warm twists that Moroccan hospitality makes so effortless.